July 28, 2012

McMillans 3 - Round 24

Since Lincoln was moving back to town, Ray had convinced Lizzie to move to his home on the edge of town.  She had serious doubts that his home could be better than the home she grew up in, but decided they could always redecorate...

Lincoln pulled Jasmine to him.  "Welcome home," he said softly. 

Jasmine wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled.  She knew her Dad had doubts about Lincoln.  And really, sometimes she did, too.  But, she loved him! Just the thought of ending things with him made her depressed!  Besides, he was the only guy she'd ever loved & he swore up and down that she was the only girl he'd ever loved.

So, how could they go wrong?

The music pounded through the house & Jasmine and Lincoln swayed to the beat.  She noticed that he only had eyes for her.  It filled her with so much pride.

Glancing across the room, she saw Willow McMillan talking to Trevor Carter.  Uh oh, she thought, wondering if she should intervene.  Trevor was going to eat the straight-laced Willow alive!  In the end, she decided that it was best to mind her own business... but hoped that Willow was smart enough to not get tangled up with him!

Before long, the wedding was planned & the guests invited...
 It was a beautiful wedding brimming with joy, laughter & fun times!

"We did it"! Jasmine laughed as she launched into Lincoln's arms.  "We're married!"

Lincoln held his wife close to him in his arms.  "We sure did, baby!"

 "Thanks for coming," Lincoln told Lizzie as he hugged her.

"Pshaw! Like I could miss my baby brother's wedding!" Lizzie said with a kiss.

 The next morning, Jasmine grabbed her neck and rubbed.  She must've partied too hard the night before because her whole body ached!

 Good thing she was married with a wonderful husband to pamper her, now!

"Feel better?" Lincoln asked once he'd finished rubbing her back.

"Ugh, I'm still feeling pretty tired and achy.  I'm going to go lay down for awhile, baby."


Now that Jasmine was pregnant, she tired easily & wasn't able to do as much stuff as they had before.  It was getting pretty lonely, Lincoln thought as he laid beside his wife, wide awake.

Getting up, he grabbed a drink and wondered if he should go out or stay & try to go sleep next to her.

Fortunately, his phone rang...

 "I'm glad you girls came over!" Lincoln said as they soaked in the hot tub.  "I wasn't ready to hit the hay yet!"

"No problem, it's always fun to come hang out here!" Maria said. 

Lincoln didn't consider it cheating because there was never any hanky panky.

Just getting together and having some innocent fun with a couple girls...

 Jasmine had to know she was the only one for him!

Jasmine stared at their wedding picture and remembered the better times.  It seemed like ever since she got pregnant, Lincoln had started pulling away more and more.  Maybe her Dad had been right... maybe this had been a horrible mistake! 

She'd never felt lonelier or more confused in her life!

"Are you cheating on me?" Jasmine demanded the next morning at breakfast, taking the 'grabbing the bull by the horn' approach.  If he was, then that was it! It was over!

Lincoln looked up in surprise.  "What?!" he yelped.  "Why would you ask that?"

"Because! There are always girls over! You're doing more things that I can't do, like lounging in the hot tub.  I just feel like you're not happy with me because I'm pregnant."

Lincoln grabbed her hand.  "No, baby! I'd never cheat on you! I just like to have fun, you know that!  But, with those girls? It's all platonic! I swear!"

Jasmine sighed.  She'd been worried about nothing!

Maybe it was pregnancy hormones, she thought.  Everything would be better once she had their baby!

Or two....

Welcome to the family Landon & Mila!

And she was right! Lincoln turned out to be a very involved Dad & stopped partying as much after having them.  Raising twins was draining work! He joked at the end of the night that he didn't have the energy to lift an arm!

 There was one party they were looking forward to throwing, though!


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