July 25, 2012

McMillans (2) - Round 24

Compared to some of the other family's in Paradise Bay, the McMillans enjoyed a pretty calm and relaxed family life.

"Don't forget to eat all your carrots," Lacy said when she noticed Marcus pushing them to the side of his plate.

Marcus groaned.  Caught!

Mark laughed.  "Yeah, if you eat enough of the carrots, you'll get x-ray vision!"

"Cool!" Marcus exclaimed and began shoveling the carrots in his mouth.

Lacy tsked.  "Mark! Don't tease him!"

"It's not teasing, honey.  It's being creative," Mark replied with a wink.  "Come on little man.  Finish up your carrots so we can do your homework."

"Aw, do I have to?" Marcus grumbled.

"If you want to watch that basketball game with me tonight, you do!"

"Right on!" Marcus cheered as he ran to the family den to work on his spelling.

Mark was so proud of his son.  He was so easy-going and whip smart.  "There! Homework's out of the way, let's have fun!" Mark said as he kissed Marcus on the forehead.

"Can I watch too?" a small voice from the back of the room asked.

"Sure baby, come sit next to Daddy," Mark said patting the cushion next to him.

"Daaaaad.  No girls!" Marcus complained.

Mark gave his son a stern look.  "Of course she can join us! Come on, baby," he said motioning her in. 

Happily Macy ran in and cuddled with her Daddy.

"....so Daddy said I could come in & they watched basketball for hours!" Macy complained.  "It was so boring!"

Mindy grimaced.  "I know! My Dad and brother watch games all the time! Mommy says that during football season, Daddy doesn't even know we exist!"

Sighing,  Macy glanced through the window of the den.  "Well, let's go.  Marcus might be blowing out the candles soon...

...and everyone's here waiting to see him!"

Happy Birthday Marcus!

Since it was Marcus' birthday, there was something he'd been dying to do for ages!  "Can the birthday boy get a kiss?" Marcus teased as he leaned forward to kiss Sidney.

Happy birthday to me! he thought happily when she kissed him back.

(I have never seen anyone ever roll the want to look at neighbors! What a pest! Lol!)

"Marcus, it's time to do your homework," Mark interrupted as Marcus was talking to Sidney on the phone.  

Marcus turned to stare at his Dad and cupped his hand over the mouthpiece.  "Not now, Dad. I'm busy! Sidney's agreeing to go the movies with me!" he said happily.

Mark crossed his arms.  "If you don't do your homework and your chores tonight, then you won't be going anywhere, young man."

Marcus whispered into the phone, "Talk to you later, baby" and quickly hung up.  Glaring at his Dad, he said, "Happy  now?" as he stomped off to the den. 

While Marcus seemed to revel in his new found freedom of being a teen, Lacy was glad to see that Macy was still so well-behaved!  Hopefully when Macy turned to a teen, she wouldn't start acting up!

(This is hilarious! Lacy was working all day to get her Culinary Hobby Plaque.  But, she couldn't quite get it when she had to break for food.  As soon as she fell asleep in her dinner, she started glowing.  Yup, that's apparently all it takes to master the Culinary trade... fall asleep in your dinner!)

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