July 7, 2012

McMillans 2 - Round 23

Marcus loved playing outside in the sandbox.  There were always so many neat treasures to find.  He never felt lonely, even when his parents were busy studying...

...or giving birth to his little sister...

Welcome to the family baby girl Macy!

Mark & Lacy had read all the parenting books, though, and tried to set aside special time each day to spend with their children, despite their hectic schedules.

Especially since children grew up when you weren't looking.

Happy birthday Marcus!

Marcus loved playing with his friends.  He always seemed to be inviting someone over.  Mark laughed that it must be the playset!

Lacy thought it was because of how naturally charismatic & friendly Marcus was.

"Time for bed, Macy," Lacy said as she walked in the room.

Mark grinned at his wife and looked at his daughter.  "Bed. Can you say b-e-d?" he sang in a silly voice.

Macy looked up at her daddy and grinned.  "Bed!"

Lacy scooped her daughter up and kissed her cheek as she laid her in her crib.  "Sleep well, Macy!" she said as she switched off the light.

Lacy looked around and kicked her feet against the crib.  Then, sitting up, she said. "No bed!" Grabbing the rails, she pulled herself over and dropped to the ground, making a beeline for the sandbox.

"No bed!" she giggled, as she played with her toys as the moon shone up above.

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