July 9, 2012

McMillan 3 - Round 23

Lizzie knew she was living the good life.   She was beautiful, vivacious & in demand.

Handsome men flocked to be around her.

And she had Derek.  He was so passionate & naughty!  He made it seem like no one else in the world existed.  With him by her side, she felt like she could do anything!

And he loved her just as much as she loved him!  The only reason he wanted her to get close to Ray Trevino was so that they would be financially set.  She would marry him & then after a year get a divorce and live with Derek forever after!

Ray had plenty of money, so he would hardly miss what she walked away with!

That's what Derek promised.

"I have to go," Derek said as he rolled out of bed.  

"Already?" Lizzie whined.  "But you just finished.  I thought we'd spend the day in bed.  Ray's not coming over until this evening and I want to be with you!"

Derek kissed the top of her head.  "Patience, darling.  Patience. I will see you tomorrow."

If only Lizzie had known how her evening would really go....

"Daddy?" Lizzie called out when she heard her father call out for help.  Walking outside, she saw him laying in the street.  "Daddy!!!"

Thankfully Ray showed up on time for their date.  Seeing Lizzie in shock standing over her father, he hurriedly called a few numbers to report the emergency and then pulled Lizzie into his arms.

"It'll be okay, Lizzie.  I'm so sorry."

Lizzie could only sob.  "What am I going to do?"

Ray dropped to his knee.  "Let me help.  Let me take care of you.  I love you, Lizzie.  I know this might be really bad timing, but I love you and want to help.  I've been carrying around this damn ring for weeks waiting for the right to time to propose..."

Lizzie gasped.  "Really?" she asked, touched by his gesture.  It was so sweet...  "You care about me that much?"
"Of course, Lizzie!" Ray said pulling her to her feet.  "I love you so much.  It breaks my heart to see you hurting.  I would do anything to make your hurt disappear!"

Lizzie buried her face in his neck and savored the moment.  It felt good to be loved....

Sarah was in hell.  She'd started drinking alot once Lawrence passed away.  What else was there to do?  She missed her husband.  Life just wasn't fun without him.  There was no color... no pizzazz...

Not even a visit from her boys could cheer her up.

She just wanted to be with Lawrence again...

Losing Mom so quickly after Dad had been hard, but Ray's steady presence made it so much easier.  He always tried to cheer her up.

"Have you set a date yet?" Derek asked as he pulled her into the bathroom.

Lizzie balked.  "It's not that easy, Derek," she insisted. 

"What's not so easy about it?"

"I... I just... I'm not feeling good about this anymore. It feels wrong.  He loves me..." she began to stammer.

"So? I love you!" Derek ran his hand down her cheek. "And I know you love me. Don't you?"

"Y... yes, you know I do, Derek.  It's just... I can't..."

"Set a date, Lizzie.  Let's get on with the rest of our lives," Derek said as he swept out the door.

Lizzie stared after his and buried her face in her hands.

It made her so uneasy keeping this from Ray.  Every time he mentioned the wedding, she cringed.  Every time he talked about their future, she turned away.  She just couldn't break his heart.... not when she thought she might actually love him.

Not even a romantic rendevouz with Derek made her feel better.

"I'm sorry, Derek. I just can't.  I must be tired or something."

Derek started to get out with her.  "Then maybe we should go get in bed," he said suggestively.

"No! I mean, no, I'm just tired.  I... I'll call you later..."

Derek fumed.  "If I didn't know better, I would start to think that you might be feeling sorry for Mr. Money Bags.  Don't make the mistake of choosing him over me.  If I walk away, I'm gone.  No second chances," he threatened. 

"It's not that," Lizzie said tiredly.  "I'm just tired."

"Say it," he demanded.  "Say you love me more."

"I... I love you more, Derek..."

Seemingly satisfied, Derek walked away. 

Lizzie watched him fade into the night and then sighed.  What a mess she'd created.

Fretfully, she tossed and turned all night, unable to find a comfortable position and unable to shut her brain down.  Too many thoughts & worries plagued her.

And then Ray walked in...

And it was like a weight had lifted off of her!

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