July 31, 2012

Landrys 2 - Round 24

It was weird being home & living with your parents, Ryan thought.  They couldn't tell you what to do, but they still had lots of suggestions.

Even when their son was a noted scientist, like Ryan, with a genius IQ, they still thought they knew the best way of mustarding the bread or making the bed.

God forbid they offer advice on dating!

Ryan had been waiting to see Willow all day.  She'd agreed to come over for dinner... and hopefully something more...

He still couldn't believe Willow had found his way back into his life!  He'd had such a crush on her in high school, but she'd never seemed to notice. 

He'd been hoping the night she came to his sister's seance that he'd be able to pull her aside and tell her his feelings.

... But that night hadn't gone as planned...

Did it really matter if she was in his arms now, though?

"Look at them, Ryder," Lyndsay said as she snuggled with her husband.  "They're so young & in love.  It's hard to imagine we were ever like that!"

Ryder pulled his wife into his arms.  "We've had young love and old love, and we're still together."

Ryder was extremely nervous. He couldn't believe Willow had agreed to stay the night!  He wanted to make the best impression possible!  Willow had come back into his life and he wanted to make sure she stayed!

That probably meant dealing with his crazy family...

"Mom, I was wondering if you would be willing to get rid of your cow plant?" Ryan asked.

Lyndsay was offended.  "Get rid of Cowster?! Never! He's been in this family for almost as long as you've been alive!" 

Ryan's shoulder drooped.   Turning to his sister, he asked, "Would you be willing to let me run labs on you.  Figure out what triggered your.. umm.. glowing?"

Annie smiled at her brother and patted his cheek.  "No."

Again, Ryan's shoulder dropped.  Fixing his crazy family wasn't going to be easy.

Ryder looked across the table at his son, worried that Ryan was going to drive himself crazy.  "Why are you pushing these changes, son?  Did Willow ask you to?"

Ryan held up his hands.  "She didn't ask me to.  I just want everything to be perfect for her.  I love her!  She's not going to want to live here... with... you know... weird stuff happening..."

Lyndsay patted his hand.  "Have you asked her what she wants?"

Ryder smiled at his wife.  "That's right. It's generally best to ask her what she wants & then move heaven and earth to give it to her."

Ryan sighed. Dad was right, as usual.

The family was shocked the following afternoon to find out that Ryder had passed away.

"Mom? What are you doing?" Ryan asked as his Mom ran inside. 

"What does it look like I'm doing?" she yelled through tears as she punched in a number on the ominous phone she'd received.

"Mom... we don't know enough about that artifact! I think it's best not to..."

"....use it...."

Lyndsay cringed when she saw her husband standing in front of her.  Only... he wasn't her husband.  It was a bad imitation of Ryder.  It was a zombie!

"Thank you for agreeing to come to my lab," Ryder told the zombie.  He couldn't bear to think of it as his father.  His father had passed away & this... thing... somehow looked, talked, and acted like him.

"If you'll have a seat," Ryder motioned towards the chair. 

Ryder sat down and stared at the contraption.  "Are you sure about this?" he asked hesitantly.

"Oh, it'll be painless. I'm  just going to run a few tests."


"Sorry about that, it measures the electrons in the brain. Please stay still," Ryan said as he made notes on his notepad.

"Now, I'm going to say a word and I'd like you to think of the first word that comes to mind.  Do you understand?"

Ryder nodded, feeling confident this should go smoothly.


"Brains!" Ryder exclaimed excitedly.


Ryder glanced up to see his son furiously making notes on his notepad.

Maybe this wouldn't be as easy as he thought.

Using a blood sample Ryan had obtained, he double-checked his work.  All the DNA was pointing to the fact that this was actually his father, but it couldn't be!  What in the world had his mother done?!

"Ryan?" Willow called hesitantly at the door.

Blinking, Ryan glanced up.  "Willow? What are you doing here?"

"Your Mom asked me to come.  She's worried about you.  Will you come out of the lab?" she asked.

Ryan looked back at the data.  "But... I have to..."

Willow held her hand out.  "Come out of the lab, Ryan.  Come see me."

When Ryan stepped out, Willow hugged him tight.  "I was so worried, Ryan. Your Mom says you're not eating! You haven't called! You're not sleeping! You even missed work! What's wrong?"

Ryan hedged.  "It's complicated..." 

"What on earth could it be?" she asked directly.

"Come inside and let's talk," Ryan wanted to get away from his lab, away from Cowster... away from his father...

Now that Willow was here in front of him, he just didn't know where to start.  "Well, you see..." he started to explain.  "This place isn't normal."

Willow looked at him blankly. 

"I wanted it to be normal for you!"

"Why me?" she asked.

"Because I want you to live her.  I want you to marry me."  Ryan dropped to one knee & pulled out the ring he'd kept in his pocket.  "Now I've bungled it, but I love you."

Willow launched herself into his arms laughing.  "You silly man. You had me worried! You should've just asked!  This house is perfect because you're here!"

Ryan felt his stomach drop.  She hadn't understood what he was trying to tell her.

"Just wait until your Father hears the news!"Lyndsay said excitedly.

Willow looked confused.  "I'm sorry, but I thought that your Dad passed away," she whispered to Ryan. 

Ryan just nervously laughed. 

There was nothing normal about his house.  She'd find out soon enough at their wedding with his decaying father, a glowing sister-in-law & a guest-eating cow-plant best man....

"Ummm... Ryan... there's something I need to tell you..." Willow said.

Ryan couldn't have been more overjoyed when he heard the news.  He was going to have a baby! Just wait until Dad heard...

But first, a short trip down the aisle and his fondest adolescent wish had come true!

Willow McMillan was his wife!

Lyndsay hugged her daughter.  "I'm so proud of you dear.  I love you so much!"

Annie hugged her Mom back.  "You're talking like you don't have much time, silly!"

"Ryan, there's something I'd like to talk to you about," Lyndsay said as her son busily scribbled on his notepad.

"Ryan?" she asked.  Oh it's no use.  He's so intent on fixing his father that he's oblivious to the outside world!

"You want me to do what?" Willow asked, shocked.

"You're part of the family now, dear.  And when I die, I want you to make sure I wind up with my beloved husband."

Willow was unsure.  "I don't think Ryan would like that very much, Mrs. Carpenter."

 "Call me Lyndsay.  Now, dear, I've been with Ryan's father since we were teenagers.  I can't imagine living without him.  And I know that he couldn't live without me."

Willow felt a sinking feeling.  "Ryan isn't going to like this, is he?"

Lyndsay shook her head.  "No, and I don't want you to tell him.  When the time comes, you just do what you have to do."

There. That was taken care of, Lyndsay thought.  It's funny how everything seemed so much nicer after a decision was made.

Even the mundane things took on new meaning...

She knew she shouldn't have been so impatient, but Lyndsay was happy when she received her visit from the black-robed Reaper.

"I don't know about this..." Willow said while cringing. 

Oh God! she thought horribly.  She'd created a monster!

Ryan had just walked through the door when he saw Willow putting down the artifact that his Mother had brought home all those years ago. 

"Willow! What are you doing?! he demanded.  Then he saw it.  His mother.  Sitting on the couch.  Angrily, he approached his wife.  "What did you DO?!" he yelled.  "How could you be so... so..."  Words failed him, but all Ryan wanted to do was shake some sense into his wife. 

Hesitantly Willow stepped back away from him and clutched her belly.

Amidst the anger & confusion, his precious little baby girl, Ryah, had been born.

Speaking in hushed tones in the kitchen, Ryan and Willow argued.  "But your mother asked me to," Willow said adamantly.

"It's not natural though! I haven't studied it enough.  What if it had hurt you or the baby!" he threw back.
Willow gazed across the room.  "Look at them, though, Ryan.  They're so in love.  How could we have kept them apart?"

Ryan looked over his shoulder at his parents. 

Willow was right.

"You don't mind?" he asked.  "Living here... with all the... weirdness..."

Willow smiled as she stroked his cheek.  "Of course not.  I have you.  And besides, who else can say they have undead babysitters?"

Ryder held Lyndsay in his arms.  It felt so right that they be together after death.  There was just one thing that was bothering him...

Somehow during the process of being brought back to the living world, they'd lost their matrimonial bonds.

"To have and to hold, after death do us part..." Ryder promised his undead wife.

"Young love, old love & now undead love," Lyndsay teased.

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