July 28, 2012

Johnstons - Round 24

Cameron was lucky his sister Heidi was so out-going.  She never had a problem inviting friends over to hang out with them. 

Happy Birthday Harrison & Sophia!

 Even though it could be chaotic, Heather loved dinnertime with her family.

Which was good because she soon discovered that another would be on the way.

 Happy Birthday Heidi & Cameron!

Cameron was still so excited that Heidi was out-going!  She threw a party and had all her friends from school come over to hang out. 

He should've known someone as beautiful as Sidney Carter wouldn't fall for a dweeb like him, Cameron thought morosely when she rebuffed him.

 And of course Heidi had much better luck with the guys than him. 

 Welcome to the family little Cal!

Susie Q. looked at Melinda doubtfully.  She was only a freshmen! What did a freshmen know about anything?!

"So, I was thinking we could visit an aquarium and study the different fishes & environments.  What do you think?" Melinda asked cheerfully.

Oh! Susie Q sat up straighter.  Well, maybe freshmen were smarter than she thought!  "That sounds great!" Susie Q said excitedly.

 Now they just needed to prepare their poster!

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