July 9, 2012

Johnstons - Round 23

(Heidi & Cameron playing together - so cute!)

Heather loved to watch her little ones play together.  It was amazing how fast they were growing up!

Even her littlest ones...

Sophia & Harrison!

Taking time off to care for her newborns, Heather hoped that her other children would help out with the chores a little more.  Having multiple sets of twins was hard work!

And she needed all the help she could get!



Above everyone else, Heather expected the most from Susie Q, though.

And Susie Q seemed to love helping Heather!  She helped change diapers, fed the babies & even  helped her brother & sister with their homework.

 She was even available for late night calls... especially since the cribs were in her room!

But she didn't seem to mind.  She loved her family!

And all of her siblings were crazy about her.  They actively sought her out to play with or to ask for advice.  Heidi even started fixing her hair like hers!

Happy Birthday Caleb!

Yes, Susie Q loved her family.  But, sometimes she wanted more!  She'd dreamed of finding someone that she really liked to spend time with.  So far though, nothing.  No one was interested in her.

Maybe the matchmaker could change her luck!

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