July 24, 2012

Harts - Round 24

 Gayle loved being a teenager!

There seemed to always be someone new  to meet & fawn over!  She couldn't make up her mind who she liked more!  Isn't that what being a teenager was about? Meeting people and deciding who they'd marry? How would she know if she didn't find out what she liked?

Mom often told her that she needed to be more conservative, but what did Mom know?

It'd been ages since Mom was a teenager! She didn't remember what it was like!

 Happy Birthday Hunter!

So, Gayle just ignored her Mom's criticisms and kept on dating around.  (She has 3 bolts with Paxton Rauscher!)

 Some guys she liked more than others, but it's not like she had to get married tomorrow!

 Happy Birthday Chandler!

Chandler looked up to his big brother, Parker.  Parker seemed like he had everything going for him.

He'd been dating Cecelie Carter since he was in junior high school & they were so in tune and in love with each other.  That's what he wanted, he thought wistfully.  (I like that Sabrina.. I mean Sidney... seems to be gazing at Chandler with unrequited love as Chandler gazes at Cecelie.)

He'd never understand why Gayle liked bouncing around from guy to guy.  He thought that it was like a game in some way to her.  That she was always looking for something better than what she had...

Although... when you mess around with fire, sometimes you get burned.

Gayle slapped Paxton. Hard.  "You jerk! I can't believe you kissed her right in front of me!" she fumed.  Oh, Gayle wasn't mad that Paxton had cheated... just that he'd done it in her house!

She just couldn't believe he could do that to her. 

Wilhelmina just shrugged.  "Sorry, didn't know you two were seeing each other."

"Oh I bet you didn't," Gayle glared as she turned on her heel and flounced away to sulk.

Paxton nervously shifted his weight as he stared between Wilhelmina & Gayle.  Finally, he made his choice.  Following after Gayle, he tried to console her.  "I'm really sorry, Gayle.  I  was kind of dating her before you.  But, she'd going off to college soon.  Then we can be together!"

But Wilhelmina had heard.  "Oh? I'll save the trouble of waiting until I'm at University," she goaded.  "We're done!"

Paxton stood shell-shocked as Wilhelmina glared at him & Gayle sobbed behind him.   He couldn't believe he'd lost two good things in one night!

And he'd definitely lost Gayle.  Even though her feelings were still hurt, she wasted no time trying to replace Paxton.

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