July 19, 2012

Harts 3 - Round 23

Music pounded through the livingroom as Ruby partied down with her friends.  A loud knocking on the door had everyone freezing. 

"Hello?" she asked cautiously.

"This is Officer Moore.  I'd like to speak to the owner of the home."

"Ummm... she's in the there," Ruby pointed towards Christa's room.  "Go on in."

Christa was roused from bed by an irate animal control officer. 

"I'm sorry, sir.  I understand your concern, but I'm sure if I can just explain..." Christa attempted to smooth over the situation.

"There are no second chances.  I regret to inform you that I have to impound your animals."

Christa hung her head as she accepted the warrant from the officer.

"I'm sorry, sir," she said while trying to hold back tears.   Stupid Ruby.  She couldn't believe that she'd caused them to lose their 1st pet.  What was she going to tell Crystal?!

Thankfully both Crystal and Rocky were still too young to miss the beloved pet. 

Christa was finally feeling brave enough to hang up the pictures her Father had given her before he died. 

It brought tears to her eyes as she gazed at Gunnar and Barbara in happier times. 

She could only hope that she was half the parent that they were to her!

Dinner was subdued.  Christa didn't really feel like chatting with Matt or Ruby.  They were both so irresponsible!

Of course no one had offered to help with the dishes, despite the fact that she was 8 months pregnant, she huffed.

And it drove her crazy that although she & Theo were dedicated to teaching little Crystal everything she needed to know...

Oftentimes Matt & Ruby would ignore Rocky and would try to slough off parenting onto them.

Her bad mood vanished with the birth of her beautiful daughter, Amber.

"Can I see her, Mom? Can I?" Christa asked excitedly.

"No, me first!" Rocky jockeyed for the best position.

Christa pushed him.  "Rocky... she's my sister!"

Rocky stuck his tongue out at her.  "So? She's my cousin!"

And so just like always, Christa poured herself into raising her sweet little girl, trying to teach her everything she needed to know. 

She couldn't have been happier with their side of the family!

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