July 10, 2012

Harts 2 - Round 23

Freddie & Julie continued to aggressively pursue their promotions.  For Freddie, it was less about getting a promotion & more from the satisfaction that he be well-versed on any topic.  Julie had set her sights on her last promotion & was a bit tunnel-visioned.

But, she was still well aware that it was time for Julianna to receive an extra edge to their schooling.

And of course, the headmaster was pleased to welcome them into the fold.

(Freddie maxes his skills.  I like how surprised he looks in the picture.  
I can hear him saying, "Oh, so that's how it works...)

Julianna had a love of learning, just like her father.  She was often intrigued by the thought of extraterrestrial life.  She'd heard rumors of an abduction that had occurred here in Paradise Bay!

Wow, Julianna thought.  Maybe I'll get a scholarship if I write in about that!

Word around school spread that Julianna had been abducted for a short time period. 

"Are you sure you're okay?" Rusty Carpenter asked.  "I rushed over as soon as I heard!"

Julianna smiled.  "Yeah, I'm okay.  It was just weird.  I don't really remember much, though."

"Well, be careful! Don't use that stupid telescope again!"

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