July 28, 2012

Goss - Round 24

"I know the store is in capable hands, I just wanted to check in with you," Summer said.  She called every morning she didn't go in to work to make sure things were running smoothly without her.  Summer's Pets was her little "pet project."

Sasha, such a pretty kitty!

Gabe had seemed to have a hard time getting over Lily, often dreaming about her or wishing there was some way to bring her back to life.

Until he met April.

Then it all changed.  All of a sudden he felt like a new man, with a bounce in his step!  For the first time since losing he wife, he'd actually thought about falling in love & getting married again.

But it just wasn't meant to be...

"I miss Grandpa!" Sunny wailed.

"I know, sweetie, we're all going to miss him," Junior said as he hugged his crying daughter.

 "I should go call your brother and make arrangements," Summer said softly.

Junior stroked her cheek.  She'd always been so good to him.  He couldn't imagine his life without Summer.

 Cliff and his new wife, Violet, came over to pay their respects.

Junior had heard that funerals made people act in unusual ways. Perhaps that's why he could hardly wait to say goodbye to his family & get Summer alone with him...

"You know, Sunny, the kittens are getting older and we'll be selling them soon."

"I know," Sunny said miserably.

"Okay, I just wanted to make sure you were prepared.  We'll be keeping Sasha and Itty.  I know they're your favorites."

Sunny wiped a tear away.  "What if they were all my favorites?" Sunny asked.

Summer smiled and pulled her daughter into her arms.  "Then we would wind up having a lot of kittens around the house, wouldn't we?!"


Sunny had begged her Mom to go with her to the pet store to sell her kitties.  Summer had finally consented since it seemed to mean so much to her daughter.  "Okay, go play in the office while I work for awhile," Summer said, absently rubbing her belly.

"Hey, boss," her manager called out.  "There's a lady here to see you," she said, pointing to Michelle Beckett.

 "Hi, I love your shop!" Michelle said. 

"Thanks! I decided that I loved animals so much that it would probably make a wonderful career!"

Michelle sighed. "I've often thought the same thing! I just never seemed to have the capital to get it off the ground!  But, anyways, I have a proposition for you.  I know you have someone managing the store right now, but I can offer something that they can't!"

Summer was intrigued.  "What's that?" she asked.

"I am excellent at training pets! And I have such a special bond with them.  People could bring their pets here to be groomed & trained and while they're waiting, they can browse through the store!"

"That's an incredible idea!" Summer said, excited about the expansion.  "But first, you'll need to work your way up!  Once you've proven you're management material, the position is yours!"


The hour grew much later than Summer had anticipated and she noticed Sunny falling asleep next to the puppy cart.  "Come on sweetheart, let's go home."

The next afternoon, and for several weeks following, Sunny ran straight to find Sasha and Itty after getting off her bus.  "I'm still here!" she'd tell them.  She was so worried that her cats might be afraid that she'd never come home since Winnie, Bear & Festa were all gone now.

Looking back on it now, it seemed kinda funny.  Summer knew that the cats wouldn't have thought she was going away.

 Welcome to the family Jared!

"Your father and I have been talking," Summer said, "Since you have such an interest in the pets, maybe you'd like to work part-time at the pet store?"

"Doing what?" Sunny asked.

"Well, helping make sales, maybe cleaning up around the place."

Sunny made a face.  "Ew!"

Summer smiled.  "I'm sure you'll love it!"

Sunny squished up her mouth.  "Do I have to?"

"Of course!" Summer said.  "Consider it part of your personal growth!"

Sunny went downstairs grumbling.

"Well that went better than I expected," Summer joked.

"Why do I have to work today, Mom? It's a beautiful weekend day! I want to go out with my friends!"

Summer counted to 10 to hold her patience. "Because I'm teaching you responsibility and family duty."

Sunny sighed heavily and trudged behind her mom.  This was going to be totally bogus!

"Your Mom made you work?" Savannah asked.  "That must've been awful!"

"You know, it wasn't that bad!" Sunny replied.  "I got to play around alot. The customers were so nice! And everyone called me ma'am just cause I was the boss's daughter!"

Saying goodbye to her friends, Sunny decided to use the extra money she'd earned helping Mom out in the store...

 Hello, Alejandro Carter. Va-va-va-voom!

 Sunny couldn't get enough of Alejandro! He was so funny! He could make her laugh all day long!

They had so much fun horsing around! He even promised to stick around for Jared's birthday party.  She secretly thought he was having as much trouble ending their date as she was!

 Happy Birthday Jared! Aww... what a cutie! (That bald head reminds me of Chance McMillan!)

By the end of the night, Sunny just couldn't help but wish that Alejandro would make the first move...

 ...and finally...  he moved in for the kiss...

 She never knew a kiss could make her feel like that!

 (Just a cute pic of Jared staring at the fishies. I've never seen a toddler do this before!)

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