July 9, 2012

Goss - Round 23

Summer watched the customers travel around her store, feeling so proud of her little business.  Summer's Pets was a huge hit across town. 

Heidi had just had another litter, welcoming little Sumo & little Mei into the family. 

"We've got to do something about all the kittens!" Junior told Summer.  

"I know," she said sadly.  "It's just that they're all so special to me." 

"I know Summer, but there's just not room here.  Maybe someone at Summer's Pets would buy them?"

So Summer made the hardest decision she'd ever had to.  She couldn't sell the kittens! They were too young!  So, she took Heidi & Ninja with her to Summer's Pets and found wonderful owners for them.  Junior had been right.  Summer's Pets was the perfect place to sell their pets.

But, at least she still had the kittens.

Besides, Junior had been hinting that he might want another child sometime soon.

Especially now that Sunny was growing up.

And now that Sumo & Mei were grown  up, Junior was hinting about needing more space again.  "There's not even any room for a crib in here right now," he'd said.

 So, Summer led Sumo & Mei down to Summer's Pets to be adopted. 

 Unfortunately, room was also made after Lilly passed away after coming home from school one afternoon. 

Gabriel was devastated.  He sobbed by her gravestone, assailed with guilt for how he'd neglected her over the years.  He'd truly loved her, but had been too selfish to put her first.

Now he'd never have another chance to make it up to her again...

Slowly the house began to fill up with kittens again.  It helped distract him from thoughts of his wife. 

Sunny was in love with all the kittens.  They were so much fun to play with!

"I just thought that we might want to, you know, work on that thing..." Junior said over dinner.

Summer frowned.  "But, Junior, be reasonable! There's plenty of room for... everything!"

One thing was for sure.  Arguing was certainly easier when Sunny had been a toddler.  Now as a child, she heard & understood everything.  And no way did Junior want to get her hopes up for a baby brother or sister if it didn't work out.

Sunny rolled her eyes.  "Dad, don't make Mom get rid of any of our pets! There's plenty of room for a baby!"

Summer & Junior glanced at each other & laughed.  So much for being subtle!

Outside, Junior held Summer's hands.  "I know you love all the kittens.  And I'd hate to have you get rid of them for no reason.  But, it's important to me that we have another child.  I have dreams of a little boy of my own.  Maybe after we're finished having kids we can have more kittens?"

Summer squeezed his hands.  "Let's get started right away..."

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