July 24, 2012

Downies - Round 24

 Olivia could sense the difference in her parents immediately.  They laughed more, were more playful... more loving.  It took a little getting used to...

Camilla gazed at the new portraits that she'd commissioned for herself & Gary.  A fitting legacy for her children!   She wondered what Isabella would accomplish in her gifted life...

So, the Three Musketeers are back, Olivia thought as she gazed at her brother and his band of half-siblings.  Quentin & Quincy acted like she was annoying, so she wasn't excited to see them.

But, Kurt... she was so excited to see Kurt on vacation from college!  She'd always been fascinated by Kurt!  He was so kind, goofy & handsome!  He'd been featured as more than one of her teenage fantasies.

She just wished he saw as more than a kid...

"What are you drooling over?" Isabella asked as she silently came up behind her.

Olivia gasped as she whirled around.  "Isabella! I missed you!" she exclaimed as she hugged her sister.  "You look so beautiful!"

"Thanks, Olivia.  You're looking beautiful, too.  I bet you're driving the boys crazy!"

Olivia blushed and looked down.  "Not really. But, there's this boy... Shawn... but, I don't know... I've heard he dates around."

Isabella rolled her eyes. "There's one in every generation," she sighed.  "Just steer clear of immature boys!"

Olivia's eyes jumped to Kurt as he laughed with his brothers.  He wasn't immature!  Isabella kept talking, but it was hard for Olivia to pay attention. She wasn't surprised when Isabella announced she was going to find Mom and wandered away.

Olivia was too busy picturing her & Kurt to even wave.

 "Do you regret it?" Camilla asked anxiously over dinner.

Isabella smiled.  "Not one bit!"

Camilla touched her daughter's hand.  "It's a gift.  But, how brave you are! I was too scared to go to University.  I was worried I wouldn't survive."

"It's actually not that hard! I snuck in a coffin to the top floor that no one goes to.  When it's time for class, I manage to deflect the harm by flying to class. It's actually pretty cool! All the kids think there are bats in the attic!" she joked.

"Bats in the attic! Oh dear! That's rich," Camilla laughed as she wiped tears of mirth from her eyes.  "Well, I am so proud of you dear."

Isabella was quiet a moment.  "Do you regret it, Mom?  Turning back?"

Camilla's eyes grew wistful.  "I think your spirit ages as you live your life.  Your Father & I began to feel a heavy weight.  I'm not sure if that makes sense.  But, that's why we chose to turn back."  Camilla paused as memories flooded her.  "But in the prime our lives... we were amazing!"

Now it was Isabella's turn to clasp her Mother's hand.  "You still are amazing, Mom!"

Camilla smiled sadly.  "Yes, I suppose you're right."

Isabella was surprised her Mom didn't see it.  When her Mom and Dad were together... it was like... magic!

Camilla laid in Gary's arms during the sunrise.  Every morning they greeted the dawn, reveling in the sun & each other.  It never failed to get old to Camilla... to see the large red ball of fire begin it's slow ascent into the sky, giving life to everything around it...

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