July 8, 2012

Downies 3 - Round 23

Melanie was lucky Gage was just a baby and needed such little face-to-face time.  Besides, the nanny was supposed to take care of all the other touchy-feely stuff!

That left her plenty of free time for her me-time.  A woman had needs!

Gage cried silently when he saw his mother flirting with some guy.  It just seemed... wrong!

"Look Gage, you're young, so you don't understand. Mommy needs time to be an adult and work on adult relationships so I'm not all alone."

"But Mom, you're not alone, you have me!" Gage protested.

Melanie laughed.  "Oh please.  You're a child, Gage.  You're not a substitute for a healthy romance."  Shaking her head, Melanie laughed to herself again at how foolish children could be.

Nothing replaced the flutter of her nerves when she met a new man and began flirting.  New love was so thrilling and exhilerating!

Gage was simply too young to understand. He'd get over it!

Gage wasn't surprised when that guy Mom had just met went upstairs holding her hand.  Mom always said if she had someone over, he wasn't allowed to interrupt her. 

Trying to distract himself, Gage settled down with a book.  There was no way he was going in his room.  It was always louder in there, he thought unhappily.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the stranger sit down near him.  "So whatcha reading, slugger?"

Gage closed the book and hopped out of the chair.  No way was he talking to that guy, he thought, as he edged towards his room.  Just because his mom wanted to be friends with them didn't mean he had to!

Melanie had been upset that Gage had treated her lover so rudely.  Deciding he needed proper instruction, she called up the local headmaster.

"Would you like a tour of the house?" she offered.

"...And this is my bedroom," she said suggestively.  "I just absolutely love  this room more than any other in the house."  Then laying down on the bed she asked, "Do you like it?"

The headmaster fanned his face.  Every now and then there would be an aggressive mother that wanted her son in, no matter the cost, but they normally didn't proposition him so boldly!

 And what could he say? He was a man, after all!

Gage put on his new school uniform and headed to the bus.  He wasn't sure why his mom made him switch schools, but mom had seemed pleased...

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