July 26, 2012

Creelmans - Round 24

Jay couldn't believe he was already an old man.  He didn't feel old... and wasn't that the most important thing?

Tenderly he tucked Jayden into bed.  He'd fallen asleep talking to his Mom about her movie roles again.  He loved hearing over & over about the parts she'd taken throughout the years.  Oh, there had been small parts here and there, but to hear Tina tell it - she was a famous movie star!  Smiling, he gazed at his wife.  She had a flair for drama, but he loved her anyways.

"Mom, where do puppies come from?" Jayden asked out of the blue at breakfast.

"What?" she asked, coughing.

"Well, Maxie & Margerite had all those puppies. Where did they come from?"

"The stork, doofus," Christina teased.

"Christina!" Tina admonished her daughter.

"What? He's like 10! He should know these things!"

"That's enough," Tina said sternly.  "Go get ready for school."

Christina got up from the table and leaned over to whisper "Doofus" before hurrying off to her room.

"I'm not a doofus!" Jayden called back at her loudly.

It was hard for Tina to see Jay as he was now... with gray hair and wrinkles.  Oh, she still loved him no matter what he looked like...

It's just that she wasn't ready to be like that, too!.  Worriedly, she searched the mirror for signs of old age creeping up on her.  She knew that as soon as she aged she wouldn't be offered any more roles.  It would be the death of her career she'd worked so hard for all these years! Cast out without a golden parachute!

Leaning forward, she thought she detected the teeniest line... 

"Good morning, sunshine," Jay called as he came in the room. 

"Oh what's so sunny about it anyways," Tina grumbled.

"Wow, you woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!"

"Don't you care that my life is over?!" Tina railed.  "Look at me! I'm old! I'm decrept! No one will want me again!"

Only one way to end the tirade prematurely, Jay thought with a grin.  Laughing, he scooped her up and tumbled into bed.  "I wouldn't say that no one would want you again.  I count, right?"

Refreshed and in a much better mood, Jay & Tina headed to work.  "Oh that girl! She's gone and done it this time!" Tina complained.  "She took my car!"

Jay sighed.  "What are we going to do with her?" he asked.

Tina mumbled darkly about something like cellars and chains.

"Come on, I'll give you a lift to work."

Christina was glad her parents didn't ground her for taking the car.  She'd told them it was because she missed the bus & their door was locked. ("Why did you lock it anyways?" she'd asked them innocently and watched as their faces flushed.  They hadn't said anything else about the car!)  Really, she'd taken it to impress Grant.

He'd thought her Mom's hot rod was rocking. 

Eureka! She might've hit on the perfect come on line!  Let the guys check out her Mom's car & steal a kiss inside! Score!

Happy Birthday Jayden!  (Aw, he's so handsome! He looks much more like his mama to me!)

Tina sadly replaced the phone on it's charger and sighed loudly.  Walking over to the couch, she sank down to the cushions.

Jay glanced up.  "What is it sweetheart?" he asked.

"I just got the call. It's all over.  My agent officially recommended that I retire.  I've been put out to pasture..."

Jay got up and sat down next to her, putting his arm around her shoulder.  "Don't worry, sweetheart. It'll be okay. Think of all the things we can do now that you're retired! We can spend more time training the dogs! Their business is booming."

"It's true," Tina admitted hesitantly.  Really, Maxie had already become a super star in his own right and all the other dogs were well on their way to the tops.  Maybe if they trained them alittle bit more, they would rise up faster.

Feeling renewed & determined, Tina slapped her hands down on her legs and said, "You're right! Let's do this!"  Springing  up, she started calling for the dogs to come.  It's time to get down to business, she thought.

"So you're saying we should do the Science Project on bugs?" Christina asked dubiously.

"Sure! It'll be pretty easy.  We collect a few samples and then do research on what type they are."

"Collect?" she repeated.  "That's so gross! I'm not touching bugs!" Christina pouted.

"Well do you have a better idea?" Noah asked, cross that she was being so difficult. 

They sat in silence for a few minutes because clearly she didn't have any better ideas.

"Okay, you collect the bugs and find them in your book. I'll prepare the poster," Christina said.

"Wait, why am I doing all the work?" Noah asked.

"Oh no, you're not! Just wait until you see the poster! Besides, you're so smart and quick! I bet you'll have that part done way before I'm done with mine!"

Noah proudly nodded.  He was pretty darn smart and quick!

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