July 8, 2012

Creelman - Round 23

Jay came home from work pumped from his recent promotion.  He felt like he was on top of the world!

He had a wonderful family, he thought as he hugged his daughter, Christina.  He'd seen her peek outside the window when she heard his hot rod pull up and then the front door swung open as she raced out to greet him. 

What more could he want in life?

Well, maybe a wife that actually cleaned her own messes!  Why should he always have to clean up after her?!

"I've HAD it!" Jay snapped as soon as Tina finished her shower.  "Every day I wind up mopping in here right after you.  You have creams & powders & all sorts of things strewn across the room.  I don't even have any space in here!"

Tina put her hand to her throat.  "But Jay,  I need all those things for my daily cleansing.  And you never minded before."

"Well it bugs me! I'd like to be able to use my bathroom without water leaked everywhere & products stinking the place up!" he grumbled as he stormed out of the bathroom.

Tina stared after him in confusion. He'd never said anything to her before about her morning ritual.  Glancing in the mirror, she checked for wrinkles.  He just didn't understand.  It was hard work performing her beauty regime.  And really, without it, she wouldn't have gotten this far in the music business! 

Fuming, Tina wandered into the nursery and played with Jayden before her limo arrived.

Still upset once she got home, even though she'd landed the coveted Rock God awards, Tina avoided Jay. 

Finally slipping into bed after he'd been asleep, she'd laid in bed for what felt like an hour - inspiration struck!

The next morning, Tina was dressed and ready before Jay had to go to work.  Cornering him in the kitchen, she smiled and launched into her speech.  "Have I got a proposition for you..." she began.

It only took about an hour of schmoozing, begging & pleading to get Jay to agree to her crazy scheme.  But if it worked... they would be able to set aside a nice little nest egg!

Meet Margerite & Maxie.  The cutest little yorkies she'd ever laid eyes on!  Tina had convinced Jay to breed & train Yorkies, then put them to work in commercials or television shows.  She'd gotten the idea after working with an actress/singer who had insisted on bringing her poochie on set.  Besides, toy dogs were all the rage now!

When Tina was on a roll like this, it was all Jay could do to keep his hands off of her!  She exuded such confidence and poise!  He loved it when she was assertive!

"Mom? Dad?" Jayden asked.  "Can I sleep with you? I had a bad dream!"

Jay rolled over in bed and patted the pillow next to him.  "Come here, bud."  He knew that Tina wouldn't like it in the morning when she woke up and saw Jayden in the bed, but he'd deal with that tomorrow morning. 

Besides, he knew that Christina had let him watch a scary show, even though he'd told her no. 

His little girl was growing up....

Thankfully, Jay had no idea how fast his little girl was growing up, thanks to a crush on Shawn Carter!

(Wow! 3 bolts with Shawn & lots of wants to fool around.  *shakes head* Oh, Christina....)

Although, she couldn't help it if Neil Carter had a thing for her, too....

And really, that date with Nelson Bear had been set up just as a practical joke...

Was it her fault if they went a little too far?

"Congratulations," Jay said as he toasted Tina.  "Our first litter has arrived and they're cute as can be!"

"Of course they are! Margerite & Maxie are from superior blood lines.  And I've already been assured contracts for all four puppies, as well.  Everyone is very anxious to work with the little ones since they love Margerite & Maxie so much!"

And Tina had finally found a solution that left the bathroom squeaky clean.... long, luxurious bubble baths....

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