July 22, 2012

Carters - Round 24

Sonja couldn't believe how well business was going.  But, despite how much she loved it, she knew it was time to make sure it was left in Alton's capable hands.

 "Oh God! Oh God! What do you want me to do?" Alton fretted as he watched Carmen deliver their newborn. 

Welcome to the family little Henry!

 (just a close-up shot of Sasha! I wasn't sure if I'd gotten one last time!)

 "If you're not busy today, I'd like you to come by Aces today to walk through it with me," Sonja said casually.

"Sure thing, Mom.  I'll go get changed and come by & check it out."

"Wonderful.  I'll see you there."

 "Wow!" Alton said.  "I didn't realize how amazing this place was, Mom. You've really worked hard the last few months!  I can see all the changes!"

"Yes dear, we're certainly busy.  Will you pitch in today, we could use the help."

"Sure, point me in the right direction..."

Alton was bushed by the end of the day! He'd helped with training & sales throughout the day!  His feet were aching & we was ready to head home and lounge on the couch. 

Sonja smiled and patted her son's shoulder.  "We're all closed up.  Come in the office with me for a moment."

Sitting at the desk, Sonja asked, "So how did you like working here today?"

Alton smiled at his Mom.  "I liked it.  Much different pace than I'm used to, but it's a great place!"

Sonja blinked back tears.  "Well, I wanted you to know that it's yours... once I pass..." she managed to awkwardly say without sobbing.

Alton looked at her aghast, "Whoa... whoa!  We don't have to worry about that!"

Sonja patted his hand.  " Yes we do.  I'm not getting any younger & I wanted to make sure you loved it here as much as I did and that you'll be happy here."

"Mom, seriously, we don't have to worry about that for years!  Come on, let's get home." Alton was shook up.  He couldn't Mom was talking about dying.  Mom & Dad were so young still!  He didn't even want to think about them leaving him!

But, he learned closing your eyes to something didn't make it disappear...

Mom was right....

She didn't have much time left...

Alton hugged Henry close and kissed his forehead.  It was one of the few things that eased the pain he felt after losing Mom & Dad.

Ally knew her Dad was hurting after Grandma & Grandpa died.  So, it kind of fell to her to help around the house.

And comfort her brother & sister.

But, as time drifted on, the ache eased a little and the family was able to enjoy the little things in life... like spending wonderful family times together.

And not taking each other for granted...

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