July 19, 2012

Carters 9 - Round 23

Gretchen watered her poor, struggling tomatoes and prayed that the all-natural pesticides she put out would keep her plants safe from the bugs this season.  She really didn't have much energy these days to care for the poor plants, but she was also the only one in the family with an interest in their garden.

That's okay, she didn't mind.  Gardening relaxed her.

Samuel jostled Alejandro as he danced on his toes.  Being around his kids was such a delight!  Even with the full house, he tried to take time with each kiddo to make sure they knew how much he loved them.

Happy Birthday, 3rd borh, Angelia.  (I really, really want her to have the want to be a ballerina when she grows up so I can call her Angelina Ballerina.)

Happy Birthday, little Fernando.  (His twin was being difficult...)

(I just wanted to show what a great twin brother Archie is to Samuel.  Last round, he helped bathe the toddlers & feed them late into the night.  Then, this round, he started gardening for his overwhelmed brother.  I'm sure somewhere during the party, he pulled him aside to suggest they stop having babies.)

Ah, there we go! Happy birthday Esmerelda!  It's about time you acted your age!

Gretchen came downstairs the following morning and inhaled sharply at the mess that had been left strewn around the kitchen.  God help her, cleaning up after a family of 5 kids would be the death of her!

Getting down to business, she spent the morning cleaning the kitchen.  Turning to the fridge, she pulled out the makings of omelettes before her two oldest came barreling down the stairs.  "Sit at the table, I was just about to make breakfast," she said.

"No time, gotta go. Love ya ma!" Savannah said as she kissed her mother's cheek & grabbed an instant meal.

"Me neither, Mom.  Chess club is meeting this morning in the cafeteria.  See you after school!" he said as he hurried after his sister through the door. 

Sighing, Savannah put the ingredients back in the fridge.  It seemed her babies were all growing up.  Rubbing her belly, she scoffed.  Well, most of them that is. Making her way back upstairs, she decided to take a small nap before the toddlers woke up.

As usual, her nap was way too short... interrupted by a pair of newborns...


and Carlitos!

If Gretchen & Samuel  thought it was hard looking after 5 children, then she was sure to be surprised with the energy & care it took to take care of SEVEN children!

It seemed there was always something to be done!

Thankfully, Savannah and Alejandro were able to pitch in and help when needed.   (Happy birthday Graciela, baby of the family!)

Fernando couldn't believe his parents didn't even get him a cake for his birthday.  Figured, he scowled.  Nobody ever seemed to notice when  he did things around the house!

Happy birthday Esmerelda!

Happy birthday Carlitos!

Gretchen set the table with breakfast and called her kids down.  She was determined that they have family breakfast time every morning, despite how hectic their household had become.

Even if it drove her crazy!

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