July 19, 2012

Carters 8 - Round 23

Amelia's cries woke Emily and Archie up at the same time.  Wearily rubbing her eyes, Emily sighed, "I'll get it. You get some more sleep."

Archie laid back in bed and covered his face with the pillow.

Neil loved school.  He knew a lot of kids couldn't stand their lessons, but he looked forward to it every day.  He wanted to be successful and important when he grew up! Just like his Dad!

Although, there were a few interesting diversions along the way.  He'd been shocked when Tina Creelman had asked to come with him after school.  She was so pretty & popular... and he was so... him!  He'd been entranced by her the first time he'd ever set eyes on her.  Unfortunately, that had been right about the time his friend Shawn Carter had started making out with her...

Maybe it'd be better to focus on someone else.  Though, not Abbey Carter, Shawn's sister.  You never messed around with your best friend's sister... it didn't matter how cute or friendly she was!

Happy Birthday, little Amelia!

Grant couldn't believe what a stud his big brother was!  He couldn't wait until girls came home with him.  Well, other than Sidney Carter... she'd been his friend since they were in diapers!  No way could he ever kiss her!

And man was he looking forward to kissing a girl!

Archie watched his boys grow and was so proud of them.  They were both so serious, kind & organized!  He knew that they would be successful, no matter what they chose to do with their lives.  Although, it didn't hurt to nudge them every now and then. 

After all, hard work & attention to detail had enabled him to reach the top of his chosen careers!

Emily danced with Amelia around the room as they laughed.  "You are such a wonderful dancer, sweetie," Emily laughed, then began singing a silly song as they danced around the room faster and faster.

Giggling, they collapsed on the couch together and cuddled.  "I love you, Mom," Amelia said softly.

Emily snuggled her daughter closer.  "I love you too, sweetie!"

Amelia rested her head against her mom's shoulder and closed her eyes.  She wanted to be just like her Mom when she grew up!  

Her Mom was so beautiful & fancy!  She laughed and smiled all the time. 

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