July 8, 2012

Carters 6 - Round 23

Mitch couldn't believe how fast their baby girl was growing!

And he knew it wouldn't be long before Alexander was a teenager!  How fast these years had gone by, he thought.

Gloria felt the baby kicking her inside and winced.  But, she was determined to finish teaching Bridget the nursery rhyme.  Her Dad had taught her and she wanted her children to know it as well.

"Dad! Dad! Listen to the rhyme Mommy taught me!" Bridget called excitedly as her Dad checked out the morning paper. 

Mitch smiled as he set the paper down.  "I'm listening."

Bridget smiled.  Daddy always had time to listen.  She loved him so  much!

And now that Mommy had her baby brother Mitch, maybe she could pay attention more, too, Bridget thought happily.

"Dance! Dance!" Bridget giggled as Gloria swept her across the room.  "Phew! Now I'm tired! Let's go sit down & watch the cooking channel!"  As Gloria and Bridget snuggled on the couch to watch the cooking channel, Gloria heard Mitch crying. 

"Mitch, do you have it?" she called out.

"Yeah, I got him," Mitch called.

 Mitch snuggled his son & went to get a bottle. 

All his kids were growing up fast!  He'd always wanted to have a large family. That's why he'd been so enraged when he found out that Gloria had kept Alexander from him!  Thankfully he'd come by to check on her after her stepfather had died!  He couldn't imagine his life without his children!

Sometimes he wondered if it was working, though. Gloria refused to marry, saying she was happy with how they were. 

Sometimes, he just wanted more...

But then he would catch sight of one of his kids and realize that this was home... with or without a marriage certificate!

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