July 25, 2012

Carters (5) - Round 24

Danny looked around the room at all the friends he'd made.  Sure, some of them came from different walks of life, but he was glad he could count them all as best friends!  It made for interesting stories!

"Hey baby," he said when he saw Jane had come downstairs.  "How are you doing tonight?"

Jane smiled.  "Oh you know, still pregnant!  Is everyone ready for cake?"

"You bet," he grinned as he scooped up Dane in his arms.  "Ready for your birthday, big boy?" he asked his smiling boy.

Jane stood towards the back of the group and put her hands on her lower back.  Ugh, she couldn't wait to see her new baby.  And not just because she loved her kids like crazy - but also because she was tired of being pregnant!

Happy Birthday Dane!


Welcome to the family baby girl Rory!  "Look at her beautiful green eyes," Jane said happily.  "She's so beautiful!"

Daniel couldn't wait to call all his friends and brag about his new baby girl!

It didn't take long until it was baby girl Rory's birthday.  Happy birthday sweetie!

"She's no fun, Mom. I keep trying to get her to sing with me & all she does it pick her nose!"

"Ew!" Jane said as she prepped breakfast.  "No, Rory! No picking boogies!" Jane set aside the omelette mixture and took Rory to the bathroom for a bath.

(This family spent most of it's free time trying to make tons & tons of friends!  Daniel has 30 Best Friends & 5 NPC Best Friends!)

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