July 24, 2012

Carters (3) - Round 24

Shawn & Abbey were having the time of their life!  It seemed like they had the world at their fingertips!  Abbey loved being able to splurge on shopping trips whenever she wanted & Shawn...

...well, Shawn enjoyed the chicks.

And chicks seemed to enjoy Shawn, as well!

Jesse knew what Shawn was up to... but it was just a matter of boys being boys!  Heck, he'd been the same way when he was a teenager!  It seemed to be a tradition in his family tree!  The teenage boy would sow some wild oats, but eventually settle down with a beautiful woman and raise incredibly smart & handsome children!

And he certainly had a beautiful wife!  He couldn't believe what a perfect marriage he and Sabrina enjoyed.  Neither had been very sure about the stability of their marriage when he'd proposed after finding out she was pregnant with his child.

They'd certainly come a long way!

Sabrina watched Jesse go, humming to himself under his breathe.  Sighing, she stared at the spot on the wall. 
She'd married him because she'd wanted her children to know their father.  And he was an incredible father!  She just... wanted more from life than Jesse could provide her! 

He didn't know, but she hadn't been faithful to him.  She'd hidden her affairs well, keeping her lovers and her family separate.  Her first had been with her athletic mentor, Gary Tipton.  Smiling, she remembered how quickly she was promoted through the ranks while seeing him!

But then, she began to get less and less discriminate, aching to fill some part of  her that was missing...

She couldn't begin to count the number of times she'd strayed...

But now the kids were getting older... she'd have to be more cautious... 

(I just liked how Sidney had her hands on her hips like, "Oh yeah, it's my birthday. Where are my presents?")

Happy Birthday Adrien & Sidney!

A house full of teens means a house full of parties...

Teens ignoring your orders because they're busy chatting on the phone at all hours of day & night...

"Shawn, I'd asked you to take the garbage out!" Jesse chided. 

"Yeah sure, Dad. In just a second.  I was going to hope in the jacuzzi with..."

"No. Not later. Now!" God, Jesse knew he'd been bad when he was a teenager - but Shawn was so headstrong! He was just now realizing that his kids might've been spoiled...

"Fine!" Shawn said angrily.  "I'll do it now."  Stalking over to the trash can, he grabbed the bag and swung it around as he took it to the curb mumbling under his breath the entire way.

Thankfully he ran into Savannah.  His sister Abbey had been ranting about how mean Savannah was, but he didn't see it.  She was pretty cool.  And he loved that wild, curly hair! So sexy!

Of course, girls in general were pretty sexy to Shawn.  He bragged to his friend Paxton that he bet they could date all the girls in town! 

Adrien watched his brother flip through girls like a page in a book and wondered how on Earth he could do that.
 There was only one girl for him.  He'd been in love with her since second grade!

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