July 24, 2012

Carters (2) - Round 24

Jensen couldn't wait for Dawn to graduate from school and come home.  He couldn't believed he'd been kicked out of school.  He just lost his focus one semester... okay... maybe two...  But still!  Sadly he shook his head.  His Grandpa Perry would've been so disappointed in him.

"Hey Jensen!" Dawn called out as she walked towards his house.  "Hi!" she said, waving her arms.  "I'm home!"

Jensen's sad reflections ceased as he jogged  towards the love of his life.  "Hey baby, I want to talk to you a minute, come on in..."

Once they were inside, Jensen dropped to one knee and said, "I love you more than anything.  These last 6 months without you have been hell!  Marry me!"

Tears sprang to Dawn's eyes.  "Yes!" as she wrapped her arms around him.   She couldn't believe for a short while last year, she'd actually considered dumping him for Aidan!  Thank God that infatuation was finished!  Aidan was happy with Andrea, and she was over the moon in love with Jensen.

They could start their own life together now!

 It shocked the family to the core when their beloved mother, Chelsea died when she was 77.  Melvin bitterly wept.  He'd thought his Mom would be around forever...

"Sorry your Grandma died," Adrien Carter told Melinda.  "I never knew my grandparents.  Sometimes I wish I had..." he trailed off.

Melinda smiled shyly.  "Thanks Adrien. I miss her a lot.  Sometimes I go to sleep, expecting her to tuck me in.  It's like I lost my best friend."

Adrien looked down at the chess table, trying to act like he didn't see the tears in his friend's eyes.  "Well, I can be your best friend, if you want me to."

 "Oh God, I look fat!" Jackie complained.

"You don't look fat, Jackie.  You look pregnant," Melvin said incredulously.

Jackie sighed.  "Yeah, but Madison is coming over & she always looks so glamorous.  I look like a frumpy old housewife! And she's older than me! It's so annoying!"

Melvin hugged his wife and kissed her forehead.  "You don't look old or frumpy. You look beautiful! You're carrying our baby!" he said tenderly as he ran his hand on her belly.  "Besides, maybe time's been hard on Madison, too! She's had two babies like you, too!"

"You're looking great, sis," Madison said as she hugged her little sister.

Jackie just smiled, biting back all her jealousy because Madison didn't look old or frumpy or pregnant! She looked beautiful & curvy! No wonder she was so successful in the music industry.  UGH!

Melinda was so excited her cousin came over.  Mackenzie was the best! She was so much fun to play with!

 Jackie soon delivered her sweet little baby girl, Jacy.

To say that the family was eagerly awaiting Jacy's arrival would have been a understatement!

"Daddy! Daddy! I have a baby sister! I have a baby sister!" Melinda cheered when her Daddy came home.

Melvin danced around with his sweet daughter.  "I know! I have two perfect little girls! I'm a lucky man!"

As so often happens in Paradise Bay, one door opens and another door closes...  Farewell Ross Carter!

Melinda took her grandpa's death hard.  He loved playing trains with her & took the time to explain things to her, rather than just shooing her away.

She had to talk to Adrien...


  1. Having a sis like Madison would be tough to deal with, alright. Even when you're not pregnant!

    1. Lol! No kidding! Jackie wound up having Little Sister Syndrome. :)


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