July 19, 2012

Carters 10 - Round 23

Meadow glanced around.  "So this is it?" she asked hesitantly.

"Yeah, I got it real cheap," Jeremy told her.  "Maybe we should name it the Middle Child Syndrome!"

Meadow laughed.  "Well I certainly understand why you got it so cheap!"

"Come on, it's not that bad! Let's take a look inside!"

Seeing the inside didn't seem to help any....

"Trevor!" Jeremy greeted his brother.  "I'm glad you stopped by!"

"Heck yeah, and I brought some friends so we can give you a house-warming party right!"

Jeremy immediately headed over for the keg as Trevor attempted to flirt with his new roomie. 

Before long, tons of people had milled inside and were catching up with old friends.

He was glad that he and Meadow hit it off so well!

After about 2 am though, the night became a blur.  He guessed he must've had a little bit too much to drink...
Waking up, he had a niggling memory of doing the horizontal mambo with someone. 

Slowly, he sat up and shook his head, surprised when the bed shifted on the other side. "Oh God, please don't let me have slept with Meadow," he prayed fervently.  Talk about messing up a roomie situation fast!

To his relief, he caught site of Meadow on the couch as soon as he saw Nicole Reed smile at him lopsidedly. 

"Well, I'm off. Thanks for last night," Nicole said as she left.

Jeremy shuffled over towards the couch.  "Man, my head is killing me!" Pausing awkwardly, he apologized, "Sorry about... you know... last night.  I kind of don't remember anything, so...."

Meadow laughed as she started to straighten up the room.  "Worried you put on a show, huh, bud?"

Jeremy frowned.  "Yeah, something like that."

"Yeah, well, I'd gone off with some old friends for a ride. You must've gotten jiggy with it while we were gone.  But, heads up... find something to do tomorrow night. I have a date, myself!"
Things were going awesome, Meadow thought happily as she got a little more comfortable with Travis Bradshaw.   Jeremy had made himself scarce for her date night.

Popping out of bed, she kissed Travis and grinned.  "I'm just going to run in the bathroom real quick," she told him after they'd woo-hooed. 

She might've taken a few minutes extra to shower & get dressed again, but she wouldn't have thought it was that long.

But, stepping out of the bathroom, she looked around. 

"Jeremy? Where'd Travis go?" she asked, wondering why her roomie was back inside.

"Oh, I just saw him head out a few minutes ago. Figured it was safe to come back in."

Meadow dropped to the couch.  "He left?"

Distracted from the sports game, Jeremy shrugged.

"I can't believe he left!" Meadow fumed.  "Men are such pigs!"

"Hey! Not all guys are like that!" Jeremy said.  "I didn't run out on Nicole!"

"Yeah, but that's because you live here!"

"No it's not! I'm not like that!"

Meadow jumped up and turned away, breaking down into tears.  "Well good for you & Nicole," she cried.

Jeremy watched her awkwardly and sighed. He wasn't quite sure what she needed, he'd never had a sister and girls generally didn't break down crying in front of him.

"Hey, don't cry. It's okay. Want me to find him and beat him up?"

Laughter bubbled through her tears.  "Maybe. I'll let you know," Meadow said as she dried her eyes.
"Thanks.  I think I'm going to hit the hay. Mind if I have the bed tonight?"

"Nah, feel free," Jeremy said.

Glancing at her watch, Meadow saw that it was 2 pm.  She couldn't believe Jeremy was still sleeping. What a lazy butt!

She'd put off making noise for as long as she could.  Feeling frustrated, she plopped down in front of the tv & switched it on. Loud.

Jeremy came awake with a start. "What? Huh?"

"Sorry, was that too loud?" she asked sweetly.

"No, it's cool," Jeremy said as he sat down next to her.  "What are we watching?"

"Cooking shows!" she announced gleefully when he rolled his eyes.

Meadow might get annoyed at times with Jeremy's lazy ways, but really, she was glad that she'd moved in.  He'd become such a great friend!

Even if he did party too much...

Jeremy fussed with his hair, adjusting the gel.  Nicole was coming over again. He'd kept trying to get her to go out on a date with him after that night, but she'd always had something else going on.  But, this time, she'd promised to be here!

Leaning forward, he kissed her lightly on the lips.  "Hey beautiful."

Nicole tightly smiled.  "Look, Jeremy, we should talk..." she said hesitantly.

Hours later, Jeremy filled up his glass again.

Meadow looked around at the glasses littered around the room.  "What's going on?"

"Nothing," Jeremy mumbled.  "I was just wrong about Nicole.  She said she's not into monogamy. She's still been dating around. I can't believe I was so stupid!"

Meadow frowned.  "I'm sorry, Jeremy. That's gotta hurt. Are you okay?"

"No! Yes! No!" he said as he threw the empty glass down.

"Come on, Jeremy. You can't live like this! You haven't gotten a job, you spend all day in bed and your pajamas!  You need to grow up a little..."

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Who died and made you mom of the house?!" Jeremy grumbled.

"There's no  talking to you when you're like this," Meadow fumed.  "Good night."

Meadow wasn't surprised to find Jeremy passed out on the couch.  She wished she knew how to help him. But, he was pretty broken up about Nicole.

Jeremy woke up slowly, squinting against the light.  Man, what a pigsty, he thought as he looked around.  Maybe Meadow was right... he needed to grow up.

He could start by cleaning up!

Checking his watch, Jeremy pulled the lettuce out.  Meadow would be home in 30 minutes. Just enough time to get their dinner made & on the table.

"You made dinner?" she asked incredulously.  "Wow! And you cleaned!"

Jeremy smiled. "Yeah, I'm not a total slacker!"

"I never said you were! At least... not out loud," she joked.  Meadow sighed inwardly.  She was worried she'd come home & Jeremy would tell her to leave since she couldn't mind her own business.  But, he seemed to have taken everything she said to heart!

He didn't even complain when they started to watch the cooking shows.

Jeremy couldn't keep his eyes off of Meadow. He didn't know when he'd started thinking about her differently.  There was just something about her... he couldn't put his finger on it...

"Hey! Kent! Elise! Thanks for coming for dinner.  This is my roomie, Meadow."

Kent raise his eyebrows.  "Roomie, eh? So? Nothing more?"

Jeremy must've missed what Kent was saying because Kent was looking at him as though he expected a response.  "Umm... what?"

Kent laughed.  "Nothing.  You just answered my question."

"What? What's so funny?"

"Nothing, little brother."

"So have you told her yet?" Kent asked quietly.

"Told her what?" Jeremy was exasperated.  Kent had been so cryptic and weird tonight.

"That you love her?"

Jeremy choked on the lettuce that slid down his throat the wrong way.  "What?!" he gasped.

Meadow & Elise glanced over. "Is everything okay?" Meadow asked worriedly. 

"Yeah, I'm fine!" Glaring at his brother.  "What the hell, Kent? Are you trying to kill me?"

Kent laughed again while Jeremy mumbled darkly, "Glad I amuse you!"  Then sighing, he asked his sage older brother for some advice.

But, his brother's words rang through his ears all night long.  Jeremy tossed and turned on the couch.  The next morning, he started to run into the bathroom to grab his brush when he saw Meadow was already in there.

"Oh God!" he said, startled.  Covering his eyes and backing out, Jeremy tripped over his feet.  The image of Meadow taking a shower was probably burned in his eyes for the rest of his life.  Not that he was complaining...

The door opened, and Jeremy prepared himself for the outrage.

"Hey," she said simply as she started to walk by.

"I'm really sorry," he said, confused by how she was reacting.

"No worries. Not like you've never seen someone naked before."

Jeremy's eyes shot down towards her chest.  "Yeah... I mean, no.  I mean, I'm sorry!"

Wait. Why was he apologizing? Jeremy wondered.  He was an adult. She was an adult. He was interested... maybe she was interested... 

Only one way to find out!

Jeremy grabbed Meadow and pulled her close for a kiss, releasing all the pent up tension that had been building inside of him.

Oh yeah, she was definitely interested!

"What took you so long to make a move?" Meadow grumbled as they collapsed on the bed. 

"I dunno. I'm an idiot," he said as he kissed her neck.  "A huge idiot!"

Things were going great with Meadow, Jeremy thought.  So when he found out she was pregnant with their child, he dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him.

"What took you so long to propose?" Meadow asked teasingly as she wrapped her arms around him.

"I dunno. Huge idiot, I guess," he said.

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