July 19, 2012

Carpenters 3 - Round 23

Rusty glanced over and saw his little brother, Ethan, bugging a cute girl.  He tried to remember her name, pretty sure she was in the same English class as his. 

"Hey, Ethan, go on inside and bug Noah!" Rusty said as he nudged Ethan towards the front door.

"Sorry about that, I hope he wasn't pestering you."

Madeline sighed.  "You'd think I'd be used to it! I have a little brother of my own! I just came over to pick up Drew.  Have you seen him?"

Rusty frowned.  "Sure, yeah, he's upstairs with Noah.  I'll call him down for you. Want to come inside?"

Madeline wearily looked at the door. "Umm.. I should probably not.  Could you just send Drew on out?"

"Yeah, sure. See you later!"

Rusty sighed as he walked towards the stairs. He wished he was able to talk to girls easier than he did...

He guessed there was always a new day...

And the twins birthday party proved the perfect practicing ground!  Rusty ran into Susie Q Johnston.

And amazingly... whatever he said seemed to work!

Susie was kissing him like there was no tomorrow! Wow! Rusty kinda wished he was a little bit older so that he could drop to one knee and marry her right then and there!

"Happy birthday!" everyone called out as the twins sat in front of their cakes.

Rusty shook his head.  It didn't seem like Ethan had any trouble whatsoever talking to girls!  They seemed to fawn over him!

And the phone seemed to be constantly ringing now!

(Cousins Neil Carter & Emma Carpenter are introduced to boys.)

Russell sighed as he sat down next to Opal, who was looking at travel websites.  "Life together has been wonderful, hasn't it?"

Opal smiled.  "It certainly has!"

"Do you ever miss it? Traveling? Adventure?"

Opal laughed softly.  "Please, with one bigfoot and 3 rambunctious boys?! That's an adventure in and of itself!"

"To my wife, Opal," Russell said as he raised his glass.  "And to our many years together and many more to come!"


Susie Q glanced over at Russel at Rusty's parents.  "Umm... Rusty? Are your parents dirty dancing?" she asked.

"Oh gross!" Rusty exclaimed as his parents passionately hugged. 

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