July 19, 2012

Camerons - Round 23

"Have the funds cleared from our 'settlement' with Drake?" Vamsi asked anxiously.  Drake had been willing to write off $50,000 to get her to relinquish any parental rights to that little brat Dierk. 

She'd sat poised in his lawyer's office as the paperwork was filled out.  Then, she'd laughed after the check had been written and waved it in his face.  "I would've done it for much less," she'd taunted.

Drake had calmly closed his briefcase and impassively told her that his son's safety was worth it.

Ha! Like Dierk hadn't been safe with her! He'd had a roof over his head & a wonderful nanny to see to his needs.  It had irked her that she hadn't been able to get a rise out of him as he oh-so-calmly walked away.

But, now she & Roberto had $50,000!  They had spent many nights whispering about what they could do with the money.  And the decision had been made.

Watching him move his hands on the keyboard and make a few clicks, Vamsi felt excitement coursing through her veins.

"Done." Roberto announced.  "Midnight Flows now belongs to US!"

"Oh God, I can't wait!" Vamsi said as she wrapped her arms around Roberto.  "I want to go see it right now!"

Roberto wiggled his eyebrows.  "First, a small detour," he said as he leaned in for a kiss.

A few hours later, they pulled up outside of the building.  "This is it! Our club!" she exclaimed. "This is wonderful!"
She spoke with a few people & granted them entrance... but... the attendance was low. 

"People just don't know we're open yet. It'll get better with the advertising I'm setting up," Roberto explained.
"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Trust me, have I ever steered you wrong?"

Vamsi stood in front of her mirror, practicing her speech. It was hard to find the time to do all the things that were required of her now that her days were full of work & her nights were full with Midnight Flows.

It was a strenuous schedule, but she and Roberto seemed to make it work quite well without having to neglect any of their important work!

Nanny Ginger picked up Robbie as he sat on the floor crying.  "Oh!" she said, turning her head away.  "Did they not change your diaper all night? You poor thing!"
"Your parents are buffoons, little one.  Nanny Ginger will take care of you!"

Then came a crink in the plans!

Roberto was disappointed that Vamis had not taken proper precautions to make sure they didn't have another child.  Although he hadn't wanted Robbie, he had come to like the idea of having an heir to his business.  But, another child?

That could be a problem.

Especially with business going as well as it was.

They had hired a bartender...

A sales manager...

And a cocktail waitress.

Finally, people were coming in droves to spend the evening dancing.

No thanks to Vamsi!

Even though she stayed at home, she still wouldn't lift a finger for Robbie, either.  Even though he was no longer completely helpless, she should still be ensuring his proper growth!

"I've looked over the reports and I have a few ideas on how we can..." Vamsi started to lecture him at their weekly meeting.
"Look, I've been the one who's there running things," Roberto interrupted.  "How about you leave it to me!  Trust me, have I ever lead your wrong?"

Roberto couldn't believe the nerve of Vamsi! Telling him what to do as though he was a novice! Who did she think she was anyways! She hadn't dealt with half the business aspects that he had!

Feeling irritated, he stormed out of the house.

Sometimes it was nice to be where he was appreciated....

Vamsi dispassionately held the new little baby in her arms as she stood, shell-shocked in her room.  She knew that Roberto had been displeased about the child... but... the way he had just spoken to her! It was appalling!  

She could almost feel him slipping away...

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