July 19, 2012

Becketts - Round 23

Michelle loved animals.  She often dreamed of opening up a pet store here in town, but Summer Goss had beat her to it! 

Although, she knew she had such a connection with animals.  She was toying with the idea of offering her services as a dog trainer at the pet store.  She just had to figure out how to approach Summer!

In the meantime, she spent as much time with the lovely animal friends as possible!

"Mom, can I have a big birthday party?" Tony asked.

Michelle glanced over at her husband, Anthony.  "Well, I don't know. Dad and I will have to talk about it."

"Pleeeease?" Tony begged.  "I want all my friends from school to come!"

Anthony nudged his son's shoulder.  "Mom and I will talk about it, but I don't think it'll be a problem, bud."

Michelle rolled her eyes.  Of course Anthony couldn't miss an opportunity to have a big party, even if it was for his son!

"Why does Tony get a big party and I didn't?" Mindy asked.

"We haven't said he can have a big party yet," Michelle hedged.  Truth be told, she'd just forgotten how close Mindy's birthday was.  She was hoping that Mindy was too young at 5 to remember and hold it against her for the rest of her life!

Of course, Anthony threw a big party with friends, family & co-workers.  Michelle couldn't help but roll her eyes over the fact that Anthony had neglected to invite any of Tony's friends.  But, she supposed Tony was too happy celebrating to notice.

And what a handsome young man he was!

Amazing, Michelle thought.  Anthony had gotten Tony a cell phone for his birthday & it seemed to be attached to Tony's ear now.  He seemed to be just as crazy about making friends as his father was!

Worriedly, she watched him bring over friends.. some boys... some girls.  It was the girls that bothered her the most.  Wasn't he too young to be interested in girls already?

Locked away safely in the bathroom, Tony practiced his greetings.  "Hey, girl, how you doing?" Smiling, he flexed his muscles & smoothed his hair back.  This was going to be a great school year, he thought.

Pregnancy caught Michelle by surprise.  She couldn't be pregnant, could she? I mean, she & Anthony were getting older! She was already in her mid-40's! She wondered what Anthony would say....

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