July 25, 2012

Bears - Round 24

Nelson didn't want to seem shallow... but he just loved girls! The more, the merrier! he often joked with his friends.  He knew his brother thought he was crazy, but what was the use of being a teenager if you couldn't have a little fun!  Adulthood was for all that boring stuff - like having a job, getting married, paying bills!  Right he just wanted to play!

Irving knew that Nelson thought he was a big stick in the mud.  But Irving couldn't help it.  It wasn't in his nature to be like his brother.  He wanted to work hard to make sure he got into a good school in order to get a good job.

He guessed he was just more mature...

Happy Birthday Kay!  She grew up into a beautiful young lady without anyone noticing...

Kay looked around at the crowd her brothers had invited over to celebrate her birthday.  She hardly knew anyone...

Feeling the need to escape the chaotic gathering, Kay went out to the old telescope.  She loved gazing up at the stars.  When she looked at the stars, she imagined millions of beings existing far beyond her sight.  It was such a titillating thought!

Nelson teased her because she skipped out of the birthday celebration early.  But, that was his cup of tea - not hers.  She was much more at home in her jammies reading a good book.

"So are you ready for college?" Randy asked Irving.  He was so proud that Irving had managed to attain so many scholarships. 

Irving smiled.  "I can't wait, Dad!"

"I can't wait to go to college, too!" Nelson interjected.  It annoyed him that Dad always seemed to favor Irving - the smart one.  Geez, Dad acted like nobody had ever gone to college before.

Irving rolled his eyes.  "Only because you want to meet more girls," he snapped.

 "Hey! At least I can get a girl!" Nelson snapped back.

"Boys! That's enough," Randy said sternly.  "That's no way to talk to each other."

Irving and Nelson mumbled their apologies. 

But, his brother's jab made Irving think...

He was about to go off to college and had never even been on a date.  He'd been focused too much on school and work, there hadn't been any time leftover for someone special.

And it would be nice... maybe he could find a nice girl...

Irving was blown away by Savannah.  He had to be the luckiest guy in the world to get her attention!  His current goal was to impress her with his wit and charm...

Mentally, he cheered each time he said something that seemed to interest her.  It's working! he thought excitedly! 

"Aw, is dweebie Irving on a date?" Nelson teased as he walked by the room.

Irving felt the blood tingle through his body.  He'd never been more angry than this moment, on the verge of saying something unforgivable to his brother...

"Please!" Savannah chortled.  "You're just jealous that I didn't go out with you when you asked.  Irving is amazing!" she said, smiling at Irving.

Nelson's mouth dropped open. He wasn't used to girls not falling over him.  Turning on his heel, he stalked away without another word.

"Wow!" Irving said, impressed.  "You're beautiful, smart AND you can handle my brother! Will you marry me now?!" he teased.

Savannah blushed.  "You think I'm beautiful?" she asked shyly.

Leaning forward, he kissed her tenderly.  "I do."

Savannah sighed as Irving pulled away.  "I think you're amazing, too." 

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Irving did a happy dance after Savannah left to go home.  "I'm in love!"

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