July 19, 2012

Bears 2 - Round 23

Roxanne was head over the heels in love with Riley.  She loved their little home. She loved her job! She didn't think life could get any better!

But it certainly did!

Riley couldn't wait to tell his parents.  Everyone was excited there was another baby on the way.

She just wished she didn't have to clean up after him everytime he had guests over.

Welcome to the world, little Danielle!

Happy Birthday!

Riley couldn't believe what a beautiful little girl he had!

And look at all his friends and family!

Danielle wasn't just cute, but she was super smart, too.  Roxanne spent most of her maternity leave teaching Danielle how to talk, how to walk & how to use the big girl potty.

She worked especially hard on the potty training because she knew with a newborn in the house it would be harder to get things done!

Welcome to the world little boy, Reece!

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