July 8, 2012

Bear - Round 23

Riley eagerly waited outside for Roxanne's taxi to pull up.  She was due back from university any minute now & he couldn't wait a single minute longer to get married.

Riley pulled his new wife towards him and gently kissed her lips.

Being newlyweds, they'd decided it was best to find their own place, giving Randy & Katy space to raise their family.

Nelson nudged Irving as they cleaned up dishes.  "I heard Uncle Riley and Aunt Roxanne had to get their own place to have sex."

Irving scrunched his nose up.  "Nuh uh! They just want to make babies in private. I heard Mom."

Nelson rolled his eyes.  "How do you think people have babies? They have sex! Lots of it!"

Irving shrugged and picked up another plate.  How did his younger brother know more about sex than him?!

"Dad? Where do babies come from?" Irving asked at dinner.

Randy put his fork down and looked at his son.  "Why do you ask?"

"Nelson says people have baby's when they have sex!"

Nelson kicked Irving under the table.

Randy glanced over at his youngest son with his mouth dropped open.  "Where did you hear that?" he asked.

Randy shrugged.  "I dunno. I just heard it."

Randy sighed.  "Boys, it's time we had a talk..."

Nelson glared at his brother as they played chess before bedtime.  "I can't believe you're such an idiot! Why would you ask Dad? I told you how people make babies!"

Randy sang a nursery rhyme with little Kay before putting her to bed.  At least she was still an innocent little girl. 

No birds & the bees talks for this little girl! 

Sighing, he wondered how his boys were growing up so fast.  (Wow! Look at those nice points! He looks very stern!)

Although, it was hard for Randy to admit to himself that even he was getting a little bit older...

But as long as he had Katy, it didn't matter.

It was important to Irving to do well at his job, even if it was just a part-time job before college.  He knew that it would be the stepping stone to his future jobs.  Plus, colleges liked to see a well-balanced student!

But, he'd never expected to meet someone quite like Mehrissa at work!

She was absolutely amazing!

And it wasn't long before he'd developed quite a puppy crush on her!

Irving distractedly shuffled his chess pieces around the board.  But, his heart wasn't in it.  He was hoping to hear from Mehrissa.  Unfortunately, Dad had instituted an hour long "power hour" after dinner for them to study.  He didn't care what you were doing, as long as your were learning.

Nelson hated power hour.  It sucked!  He couldn't wait until he was older & would be able to do cooler things, like play a guitar or something.

"A family that learns together, stays together," Nelson mumbled under his breath.  If he had a penny for everytime he'd heard that!  Glancing at the clock, he fidgeted in his seat.  9 o'clock sharp was bedtime for the folks & they never came out after that. 

So, at 9:30, Wilhemenia Reed was going to come over...

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