May 19, 2012

Tans - Round 22

It almost literally killed Quinn every time he thought about the fact that Kurt wasn't his real son.  He had meant what he'd said - he'd always be his son in all the ways that really mattered... but seeing Curtis' face where his little boy had once been hurt.

So, he handled it the best way he knew how... blocking it out.

So what if he missed a few days of work? What did it really matter? He had the time built up & hanging out with these beauties was much better than wondering who else Jenny had slept with at the restaurant!

Jenny was just about to shower off the grease & grime from work when Quinn walked in.  Startled to see her, he started to walk out.

"You missed another day," she said snidely.  "If you miss many more, you're going to be canned."

Quinn shrugged.  "Who cares?"

"I care Quinn! I care! And not about stupid work. I care about you! I want things to go back to the way they used to be!"

Quinn shook his head.  "I don't know if things will ever get back there."

"I forgave you! After all your affairs early on in our marriage! I forgave you!" she said heatedly.

Quinn gave her a sad smile.  "Are you going to forgive me the ones I had today?"  Shaking his head and with his shoulders slumping, Quinn walked out of the room as tears filled Jenny's eyes.

Crossing her arms & dreaming up all the ways he'd pay, she shot daggers at his back.  "Two can play at this game!" she said softly.

By tactile agreement, Quinn set up shop on his favorite couch.  Sighing, he flopped the crook of his elbow over his eyes.  How many times had he camped out on this couch over the years? Too many to count!  That should've been a sign of how mismatched he & Jenny had been!  Patting the cushion, he whispered, "At least I have you, couch!"

The next morning, Kurt cornered him before school.  "Dad?" he asked, not meeting Quinn's eyes, "I want to go out this evening with Curtis.  He's called every day wanting to do something... and well... I just thought maybe I owed it him..."

"Owed it to him?" Quinn yelled.  "Are you kidding?"

Kurt stared at a spot on his toe. 

Sighing, Quinn rubbed his aching neck.  Stupid couch had done him wrong, too.  "I mean, if it's what you want..."

"Thanks Dad," Kurt mumbled as he scurried out the front door.

Kurt had been nervous all afternoon about going out with Curtis.  He'd picked him up & driven him to the card shack to show him how to play cards.  It felt weird when Curtis called over to the bartender that his son had come to learn from the best.

And it definitely wasn't he would call fun. He much preferred to jam out with Dad.

After a few hours, Curtis had declared he was starving & took Kurt over to the nearby diner.

"So? I was just curious why you never said anything all these years," Kurt started to ask.

"Not right now, kid. I'm reading the menu! Besides, who wants to spend their time yakking about it. I had my reasons."

It was a good thing Curtis wasn't paying attention, because Kurt's feelings were definitely hurt.

After the meal, Curtis reached for his wallet and patted his back pocket.  "Son of a... I must've left my wallet over at the card shack.  You got this?" Curtis asked as he passed Kurt the bill.

"Oh.. yeah.. sure.." Kurt replied, glancing at the total.

"Great. I'm gonna hit the head.  Can you make it home? There's a big game of at the card shack & I don't want to miss it."

Kurt couldn't believe what he was hearing! His lame excuse for a father was going to ditch him downtown!  "Yeah, whatever. I'll make it home."

"Figured you could. Catch ya later, kid." Curtis said as he cuffed him on the head before walking off.

Kurt stewed all the way home.  Curtis had said it'd be best for Kurt to get to know him since Mom & Dad were going to get a divorce because of him.  He wished Quentin & Quincy were here to talk to...

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  1. Wow, Kurt's dad redefines deadbeat. Poor Kurt. I hope he can find family elsewhere.


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