May 24, 2012

Steeles - Round 23

Malcolm headed out for the daily walk with all their cats.  Good Lord, they'd adopted alot & then had a litter.  He'd tried to talk Marion into giving some of them away, but she was smitten with the furry beasts!

He tried not to argue with her too much these days, though since she was carrying their child.  He knew hormones could mess with the decision making process!

Marion knew that Malcolm didn't really care for all their cats, but she loved them all!  She often spent some of her afternoons teaching them neat tricks.

Especially now that she was on maternity leave! 

It was still hard for her to wrap her mind around the fact that she'd gotten pregnant.  Everyone cooed when she told them & told her how much she would love being a mother.  She didn't doubt that! She didn't have anything against kids... she'd just wanted to have them a little later in life.

"I hate you Malcolm!" Marion yelled at the top of her lungs as she went into labor.  "Give me the drugs!"

Soon, their precious daughter, Makayla, was born.  (Look at those beautiful gray eyes!)

Malcolm had worried that since Marion didn't want the pregnancy that she might be a distant mother, but she was anything BUT that!  He often found her in the nursery playing with Makayla.

Marion gazed down at her daughter & stroked her soft skin.  She'd never realized how smooth a newborn baby's skin was! And Makayla was just perfect!  Although she'd never admit it to Malcolm, she was actually glad that she'd wound up pregnant.  Already this special little girl had changed her.

Rubbing her belly, she smiled.  Who knew how much this next little child would change their lives, as well!

Happy Birthday Makayla!

Welcome to the world Maddox! (He got the gray eyes, too!)

Time seemed to be flying by too fast to Malcolm!  He and Marion were kept busying with their demanding careers.  It seemed like just yesterday Makayla was a baby.

But she wasn't a baby anymore.  She was already in kindergarten & starting to learn to read! 

And little Maddox! He was such a big boy, too!

Marion studied the newest research as she watched her children play.  Makayla and Maddox got along so well together.  Smiling, she turned the page.  True, if she hadn't had the children, she'd probably be at the top of her career with no one standing in her way. 

But, she was pretty happy were she was, anyway!

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