May 14, 2012

Steeles - Round 22

"I just don't want to wait another five years before having a baby!" Malcolm argued.

Marion tried to hold on to her patience.  "Look, Malcolm, we agreed to wait..."

Malcolm interrupted her.  "We didn't though! We didn't agree! You just told me that was how it would be! I didn't even know you didn't want kids until after we were married! Everyone else is having kids! Mandy had kids..."

Marion fisted her hands on her hips at the mention of Malcolm's sainted ex.  "So it's my fault? I'm somehow unnatural because I don't want to rush into the responsiblities that children entail? Well that's just great, Malcolm! Maybe you should've chosen Mandy so that you could spread your blessed DNA far and wide!"

Turning on her heel, Marion stomped into the bedroom and slammed the door.  He heard her muffled cries through the door.

That didn't go how he wanted it to....

It wasn't that Malcolm wanted Mandy... he just wanted to feel like a family... to feel like he & Marian were moving forward.

"Look, Marion, I'm sorry," Malcolm said as he slipped into bed next to her.  "It's okay, we don't have to kids right away."

Marion wiped the tears off her cheeks.  "You say that now, but it's clear that it is what you want.  I'm just not ready.  I wanted to be much further along in my career before having children."

"I understand. I swear it!" 

Marion shook her head sadly as she got up to leave.   "I don't think you do."

It took awhile before things felt normal between them.  The tension was thick sometimes Marion thought she could cut through it.

Watching Malcolm study, she cast around for things to talk about.  It had never been this hard talking to him before.  She missed the way it used to be.

Enough was enough, though. It was time to work through her problems.  Just because she didn't want to become pregnant meant that intimacy wasn't allowed...

"I've missed you, Malcolm," she said as she scooted onto his lap. 


 Marion was not happy after she received the results from her lab-work.  "Are you happy now?" she demanded.

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