May 21, 2012

Sim State Uni - 18th Class


Quincy Landry was psyched to see Chasity McMillan outside his dorm on the first day of school.  He'd had so much fun with her at prom... he'd never wanted the night to end.   Judging by her reaction, neither did she!  It was like paradise together!

Feeling a rush of emotion, Quincy proposed right away.  Squealing, Chastity accepted & jumped into his arms.  

But, as time wore on... they both started to wonder if maybe they hadn't rushed into anything.  They didn't cheat... but she seemed to enjoy being close to Edwin Carpenter & he seemed to hang around Nicole Reed.

Maybe things aren't perfect in paradise, after all!

It was tough for Zane to be at school with his brother.  He was so embarrassed by the way Edwin treated girls, as though they were objects instead of humans.  But, he tried not to worry about that, only making sure Willow was happy!

He couldn't wait to make her his wife!


Aidan was excited that Andrea had come to the same school as he did.  He thought she was so beautiful, kind & funny!  Right away he asked her out on a date.  But, while he was on the phone, she made a pass at Fletcher (right behind his back!).  She'd said it was a misunderstanding, but please! He'd been there, done that before!

Needing someone to talk to, he called up his best gal pal, Dawn.  She always knew what to say to make him feel better! (Seriously, Aidan & Dawn rolled a want to talk to each other every day!)

Jennings fell for Dawn the moment her first saw her standing outside her dorm. (He autonomously flirted with her. Then, after a game crash, he did it again.  So, there's some true love for you!)  He doesn't mind that she calls Aidan every day since she says they're just good friends.  But, he worries there might be something else there...

Dawn has worked hard to get over her boyish crush on Aidan.  What they had was puppy love.  Or was it?  Dawn sits writing in her diary when the thought strikes her that Aidan could be her true love!  Does she owe it to her heart to make sure there's nothing there before settling down with Jennings?

Trevor & Theresa liked each other, but there were too many other possibilities to toy with!  After one bottle of wine too many, they agreed that they'd get married when they were 30 if they'd never found anyone else.  After all, they'd make beautiful babies!

Annie loved talking to her best friend, Lincoln.  But lately, whenever they accidentally touched or when he hugged her, she couldn't help but feel like she wanted something more.

 Maybe it was time to tell him that she loved him...  She just hoped he didn't laugh in her face!

 Fletcher inherited the Hart love curse!  Desperately wanting to find someone to love mid-year, he'd called up the matchmaker.  He didn't want to be lonely anymore!

But an unfortunate internet personal ad led to his swearing off relationships forever!

"Great Aunt Ashlee?" he'd whispered in horror.  Great Aunt Ashlee had practically helped raise his Dad. GROSS!  That disastrous meeting was enough to turn him off dating for the rest of the year!

 Quentin, Douglas, & Ryan didn't get much attention this semester.  Quentin liked to goof around, Douglas loved playing pool & Ryan was glued to the computer screen - whether working on his term papers or playing games.

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