May 21, 2012

Sim State Uni - 17th Class Graduation

Trent was madly in love with Lakishma.  He tried to take a break from studying every now & then to call her up & invite her over.  Every day without her was a distraction!

Martin (Mary's twin brother) McMillan & Victoria Reed were blissfully happy with each other, taking time to study & make friends.  They were secure enough in their relationship that they didn't need to hang over each other all the time.  Every few days, they'd make it a point to either call each other or get together.

Melvin had been so excited to hear that they were going to have a baby together!  He'd loved Jackie from the minute he saw her! In awe, he moved his hand over Jackie's belly, shocked to feel a slight kick.

Dropping to his knee, he proposed with the ring he'd carried since he moved to University.  He didn't want to miss a moment with her!

Early in the semester, Katherine realized that she missed Ben.  They'd been perfect in high school & got along so well.  All her friends thought they were perfect for each other. And he was kind, caring, strong & intelligent.  What more could she want from a man?



Thomas Kincaid drove her crazy! He was so annoying! He was the type of guy that slacked throughout life & didn't take anything seriously.  He was always trying to goad her into an argument.  Well, this was it! 

"Hey, sweetcakes," Thomas said from the doorway.  "Where's your study partner?"  She could have sworn he sounded jealous.

Katherine startled and almost dropped her book.  "You scared me!  And Ben's whereabouts are none of your concern!"

"Come on, don't so stuck-up..."

Katherine's eyes flashed in anger.  "How dare you?! You're just not used to girls not throwing themselves at you because you're ridiculously handsome!"

Thomas smirked.  "You think I'm ridiculously handsome."

Katherine felt her face flame in embarrassment.  "So? I also think you're a jerk!"

Thomas leaned forward into her space & Katherine willed herself not to show any reaction.  

Nervously she began to ramble about his manners & his lack of attire & all the things that were wrong with him as he just watched her and grinned.  Finally, she broke off.  "What is the matter with you?" she demanded.

Just like that, Thomas leaned forward and kissed her.  To her horror - Katherine wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back.  As she bumped back into the bookcase, the sound of books thumping on the floor broke her out of her trance.  Bringing her fingers to her lips, she stared at Thomas as though he'd grown two-heads.  

Without a word, she turned away and ran as far from him as possible. 

Thomas watched Katherine run off.  He always seemed to somehow get off on the wrong foot when it came to Katherine.  All these years, he'd admired her from afar.  Maybe he'd be able to convince her that he was exactly what she needed.  Looking at the ceiling, he sighed.  If he was going to do it, he needed to hurry up & make his point before she married Ben!

Chevy & Cora were co-valedictorians.  They both made a 3.9 on their exit exams.  It must've been all those study sessions they instigated!  Success in life was pretty much a forgone conclusion in their cases!

David & Krista were still going strong years into their romance.  David promised they'd get married the minute they returned home.  She couldn't wait!  She just hoped her parents were getting along better by the time her wedding day rolled around!

Meadow hadn't really concerned herself with falling in love at college.  And she definitely avoided being a conquest for those pesky romance sims!  She was happy just being herself & making the most of her university days!  Where else could she learn so much in such a little amount of time?! Love would come later... hopefully much later!

Roxanne was looking forward to graduation so that she could become Mrs. Riley Bear! She just hoped Riley didn't have a change of heart before she got home!

Jane had been there for Danny when it mattered the most, even though it killed her!  She knew he was still in love with stupid Gloria Carter & didn't have room in his life for her.  But, maybe their love was worth fighting for? Maybe he still cared?  Was she brave enough to find out?  Or should she settle for something less than perfect?

Violet had always had a soft spot for Clint Goss - but could it ever work for them?  They technically didn't share any family blood - but there was definitely family history!  Cliff's mom, Lily Potter Goss had been married to her Dad before she was born.  So, Cliff was actually her half-sibling's step-sibling.  Right?

Or maybe not...

Should she say something? Or pretend that her feelings didn't exist?!

Jeremy watched by silently as all the girls he had crushes on paired off with someone else.  He just wished he wasn't so damn shy all the time!