May 24, 2012

Russells - Round 23

Stephanie & Hilary hopped on their parents bed, bored after coming home from school.  "There's gotta be something to do," Stephanie complained.

Bouncing off, they ran in search of something more fun.  Stephanie found the ballet bar & Hilary played with the telescope.

"Oh man, Stephanie, you're never going to believe this!" she said, excitedly.  "Uncle Gary's not weird looking anymore! He looks old!"

"I guess everyone changes," she said nostagically.  "I mean we're already for highschool, you know?"  Turning around, she noticed that Stephanie wasn't around anymore.  Sighing, she went to find her sister.

She found her parents laughing in the livingroom.  "Come on, dance with me Rebeka," he teased as he danced in front of her.

Rebeka swatted at Lance's hands.  "No! You're being silly," she laughed.

"I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt..." he sang as he played with his shirt buttons.

"Ew!" Hilary groaned.  "That's gross Dad!"

Laughing, Lance stopped and pointed to his wife, Rebeka.  "I'll stop if she dances with me."

"Fine! If I must!"  Pretending to be put upon, Rebeka began to dance with Lance.  Hilary joined in.

Soon the whole family was gathered in the livingroom, joking and laughing.  Leland stared at them, thinking about what a weird family he'd been born into.

(After a haircut!)
(And a house upgrade.  This lot is really small, but I think I made it work for me!  I used the basic floorplan of a house I loved by ekrubynaffit at MTS)

The next day Vaughn Potter came home with Stephanie.  Hilary rolled her eyes at how obvious Stephanie was being!  There was no way Vaughn was going to fall for it!

But apparently Vaughn liked her just as much as she liked him.  (He autonomously flirted with her! Yay! I love that!)

Stephanie couldn't believe he'd kissed her! Touching her fingers to her lips, she thought that she would remember this moment for the rest of her life!

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