May 21, 2012

Round 22 Prom Night

Aidan Carpenter attempted to talk to Ryan Landry about Andrea Roennigke, but he was having none of it. 

"I don't wan to hear the details!" Ryan gritted through his teeth.

Quentin Pai crossed his arms and frowned as Kaitlynn Reed went on & on about chess & stargazing.

"Can we talk about something else?" he asked impatiently.

Lincoln McMillan watched Theresa Reed dance with that newspaper boy, Douglas Hoffman, and couldn't help but feeling jealous. 

Quincy Landry danced with Chasity McMillan and hoped for a slow dance next.

Fletcher Hart kissed Isabella Pai goodbye.  (Wow, okay guys, get a room!)

Theresa thought a bit of dirty dancing might help warm Douglas up.

Andrea Roennigke & Jasmine Landry watched Trevor Carter dance with Theresa Reed, hoping their turn would come next.  Trevor was soooooo cute!

Willow McMillan cracked her knuckles and approached Andrea Roennigke.  "Look, you're not from Paradise Bay High, so maybe you should stay away from our guys!" she threatened.  (Yeah, I'm really not sure why Willow doesn't like Andrea!)

The girls flocked to Trevor, yet again.

While Jennings spent most of his time alone, tossing a ball in the air, waiting for the night to be over.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I give you your Prom King & Queen," Ms. Caretaker announced.

Aidan Carpenter & Dawn Hart!

Dawn felt a rush! She was dancing with Aidan! She'd dreamed of this moment for so long during highschool!

It was such a special night! (Aw, autonomous hug at the end of the song!)  She would remember it forever!

Aidan stepped back and grinned at his friend.  "Now let's boogey," he joked as he began to smustle.  "Come on Dawn!" 

Dawn stepped back laughing.  "No way! You're on your own!"

"Anyone?" Aidan asked.  "Anyone? Hey! Where's everyone going?" Straightening, he followed the crowd out the door.

Andrea glanced up from her gelatin.  "Hello? Is anyone there? Hello?" 

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