May 14, 2012

Reeds - Round 22

Michael was glad to be back home.  His Mom had fussed over him and asked him when the last time he'd had a home-cooked meal.

They'd both been surprised by the doorbell ringing.  Even more surprised to see Lacy standing there.

Cheryl glanced back and saw that Michael was engrossed in his book.  Leaning forward and whispering, she tried to fish for information.  "I always thought that you and Michael would be married one day.  What happened?"

Lacy smiled, "Oh Mrs. Reed, we were so young and silly.  I've been with Mark for the past few years."

Cheryl sighed.  "You and Michael would've made such beautiful baby's!"

Lacy almost choked on her food.  "Mrs. Reed!"

Michael looked up from his book.  "Mom? Are you giving Lacy a hard time?"

"What? Me? No! I'm just saying what beautiful baby's you would have!"

Michael groaned.  "Mom! Stop!"

"What? A Mom can't say how handsome and smart her son is?"

Mostly to keep his Mom off his back, Michael accepted a blind date with a friend of a friend.


He decided to show her a good time bowling.

He felt so at ease with her.

And he'd been so nervous as he leaned forward to steal a sweet kiss.  Promising to call her, he'd dropped her off at home and whistled all the way home.

He'd been even happier when he invited her over after a few dates & she accepted.  He was ready to introduce her to his Mom.  He knew this was the One!

"Mom, I want you to meet Mary Lewis.  I'm crazy about her & I'd like you to be crazy about her, too!"

Mary smiled weakly and stood up to shake Cheryl's hand.

"Mom?!" Michael called out after she'd collapsed.  "Mom!"

It had all happened so fast.  Over in an instant.  Mary had stayed around for awhile, but Michael hadn't been fit for company.  Kissing her forehead, he'd asked for some time and sent her away.

"Hey stranger," Mary greeted him as she walked up the lawn.

Michael glanced up and smiled at her voice.  "Mary!"  Standing up in a hurry, he hugged her tight.  "I've missed you!"

"I'm glad! I was starting to worry you'd forgotten about me!"

Michael kissed her forehead.  "No! Never! I just needed some time to grieve. Come inside?"

Michael sat nervously beside Mary, & couldn't help thinking how beautiful she was.  Wondering if he was going to make a mess of things, he decided to make his move...

Mary seemed just as eager as he was...

They woke up late the next morning and had brunch, chatting about what they should do for the day.  It was amazing how right.. how natural all this felt.  He hoped Mary felt the same way....

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