May 20, 2012

Reeds (3) - Round 22

Walker visited Summer's Pets and couldn't seem to walk away from Baron, an adorable dog that reminded him so much of Ocelet. 

Unfortunately, poor Baron wasn't able to stay for long...

...but... he left a lasting legacy before being called away. 

Walker sat in the livingroom with his Dad and ate dinner silently, listening to the girls in the other room talking about boys, shopping & fashion.  "Are they always like that?" Walker asked, in awe that he'd never noticed.

Ralph smiled.  "My advice to you is to not have 5 girls!"

"That's for sure," Walker mumbled.  Although, he didn't care if he boys, girls or aliens... he just wanted to build a family with Rachel Bear.

He loved her & missed her like nothing else! 

He couldn't wait for her to graduate so they could be together all the time!

 He wanted to be in his 70's & so in love with her still that they danced every night in each other's arms!

Theresa, on the other hand, was having too much fun to even think about settling down!

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