May 17, 2012

Reeds (2) - Round 22

Wilson reveled in teaching William all the things he needed to know as a child.

But truth be told, it had seemed much easier to get down on the floor & roll around when Wilhemenia was a baby!

Wilson guessed it was just his age...

Not that William suffered from lack of attention at all.  He had a wonderful family here at the Glen.

And plenty of people to shower him with affection & love.

Rosa worked on the finishing touches of William's picture.  It would look so lovely hanging in the nursery.

"Mom? Why did you paint a picture of me when I was a baby?" Wilhemenia asked at dinner.

Rosa's breath caught.  "I'm so sorry Wilhemenia.  I just wasn't a painter at that time!"

"But you didn't take any pictures of me or anything! Do you like William more because he's a boy?"

Rosa stroked Wilhemenia's cheek.  "No sweetheart. I'm so sorry you feel that way! I was just in a different place in my life.  And I've only just discovered art! I'll do one of you now, if you'd like."

Wilhemena instantly lit up. "I'd love it, Mom!"

Happy Birthday Rosa!

Rosa smiled & took a bow as her family & friends clapped & wished her birthday congratulations.

"Happy birthday, Mom!" William said shyly.  "You're the best!"

Touched, Rosa leaned down & hugged her son.  "And you're my very favorite son."

William giggled.  "I'm your ONLY son, Mom!"

"But, Mom! You promised you'd do a picture of me next," Wilhemenia accused.

Rosa wiped the tears from her eyes and put her arm around Wilson's shoulders.  "Wilhemenia! Show some respect! We're still in mourning for Gaeron.  Please think of someone other than yourself!"

Wilhemenia glanced at the picture of Grandma Amy & her weird plantbaby Rudhon. 

Glaring, she stuck her tongue out at the stupid painting.  It wasn't fair! Mom had promised to paint a picture of her after she finished William's toddler picture.  But then she'd just had to work on Grandma Amy's picture as a surprise for Dad after Gaeron withered up, & then she'd started another one of her dweeby brother.

Not like she cared or anything! she pouted.

She just thought it was weird that everyone acted like it was completely normal to be surrounded by a bunch of spawned talking plants.

How embarrassing was that?!

Deluon felt it in his core that it was time for a new generation to be spawned...

"Welcome to the Glen, little Egrid, seventh generation child of the plants," Deluon said as he cuddled his daughter in his arms.  "You will love it here."

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  1. Poor Wilhemenia. That really does suck. Her mom really owes her a painting or two.


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