May 21, 2012

Rauschers - Round 22

Patrick sleepily fed Paxton the bottle & started when a voice behind him piped up, "Hey, looking good!"

Patrick spun around and was shocked to see Jackie, Madison's little sister, standing in his livingroom and staring at him in his boxers.  Uncomfortable, he asked, "What are you doing here?"

Jackie smiled, "Didn't Madison tell you? She said I could crash here for awhile!"

"What?!" he asked, dumbfounded.

"Oh come on, you won't even notice I'm here," she grinned and she whirled her suitcase into a spare bedroom.

Stalking into the bedroom, he pinned Madison with a glare.  "Where you going to tell me your sister was moving in?"

"Ooooo," Madison winced. "I forgot to tell you!"

"Come on, Madison! We just got rid of Matt & Ruby! We were going to have a go at being a real couple! A family! Just the two of us!"

"Oh come on, Patrick. She's my little sister & she needed a place to stay! She said she felt awkward moving in with Jesse since we're just his cousin & he might not want us there.  Let alone Sabrina!"

"Why can't she just stay at an apartment or a motel?"

"A motel?" Madison yelled. "Are you kidding? She shouldn't have to! I'm her older sister! She's staying! Period!"

Patrick threw his hands up in the air.  "Fine! Whatever! She's staying!"


Jackie checked her lipstick one more time.  "Looking good, Jackie," she told herself.  She couldn't wait for Melvin to come over!

Anxiously, we waited as everyone trickled in.  She was starting to worry when she didn't see Melvin yet.

"Peek-a-boo," Melvin said as he stepped from behind the screen. 

"Melvin!" she cried and launched herself into his arms.  "I missed you so much!"

The next few hours were spent bumping & grinding & dancing to the beat. 

"Goddammit," Patrick grumbled as the music woke him up again.  Glaring at Madison who was still blissfully sleeping, he got up out of bed.

Walking to the livingroom he saw a mess of abandoned glasses, discarded plates & there in the middle of it all was Jackie making out with Melvin on the couch.

"JACKIE!" he yelled loudly.

Melvin hopped up and kissed Jackie quickly.  "Looks like I should boogey.  Come on guys," he said as they walked out the door.

"Are you kidding?! I won't even notice you?! I have to be at work in 3 hours and I'm tired!"

Jackie was chagrined.  "I'm sorry, Patrick. Really! It won't happen again. I guess I was just used to college partying! I'll be better, I promise."

Just then Patrick heard Paxton start wailing.  "Just great," he grumbled as he went to take care of his son.

Jackie grimaced and began to clean up the mess. 

Happy birthday Paxton!

And happy belly bump Madison!

And here's to a healthy delivery!

Welcome to the world little girl, Mackenzie!

"I have a sister?!" Paxton asked excitedly.  "Right on!"

Paxton couldn't wait to play with her!

Jackie checked her reflection again. She hoped she looked okay. Melvin was coming over & she hadn't seen him for awhile! She wanted to WOW him!

She shoudn't have even worried! Melvin said he'd love her if all she had on was a paper bag.  They'd had the best date EVER!


"Ummm... so I have a question, big sis.  What did Patrick say when you told him you were pregnant?"

Madison laughed. "He said 'Oh crap.  Why?"

Jackie grimaced. "Be prepared to say 'Oh crap.'"

Madison's mouth fell open.

As she cuddled Mackenzie later that night, Madison whispered to her darling daughter, "I hope you never have an 'Oh Crap' moment!"

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