May 14, 2012

Potters - Round 22

Helen & Arthur couldn't believe how big Vaughn was getting.  They felt so incredibly blessed to have such a happy & healthy family.

Which was going to get a little bit bigger any day now...

Welcome to the world Haley Potter!

"Did you see how beautiful my niece is?" Alan asked Regan over breakfast.  "I just can't wait to have one of our own," he gushed.

Regan frowned.  "But, Alan, I'm not ready for children! I want to focus on my career for alittle longer!"

Alan quickly got up, "I know, I wasn't talking about having one right away.  You know, just... sometime..."

Regan sighed. She could tell she'd hurt his feelings.  She knew that Alan was such a family man & couldn't wait to have a child of his own to love.

Regan stroked his cheek.  "I'm not ready yet, but I will be soon.  And in the meantime, we can always practice.  You know? Make sure we get it right!"

Alan smiled a little while later.  "This sounds like a great plan."

Gwen greeted the guests that came for Haley's first birthday.  Across the room, she saw Helen's father, Conrad.  "Why hello, Mr. McMillan," she said kindly.  "I'm the other grandparent!"

Conrad smiled.  "You can call me Conrad," he said, shaking her hand.  "It's so nice to meet you, Helen's spoken so highly of you!"

As Arthur walked past Conrad & his Mom, he had to smile.  Seems like they'd hitten it off big-time, he thought happily.  Good for Mom!

Nobody had expected the degree to which Gwen & Conrad would hit it off, though...

"Birthday time! Happy birthday to you," the family sang.   (Ah, looks like Alvin came to visit his great grand-daughter's birthday party!)

Happy birthday sweet little girl!

Gwen had been pleasantly surprised when Conrad had called her to ask her out on a date to get to know each other a little bit better.

But they'd had an amazing time.  Both seemed surprised to have found love after such wonderful first marriages.

Soon Alan & Regan gathered family & friends together for their wedding.

Alan couldn't help but feel that he was the luckiest man in all of Paradise Bay!

Ah, cute Vaughn & Haley moment!

Vaugh seems amazed by all the people coming in & out for the wedding in all their fancy clothes.

"Grandma!" he calls out.  "You look beautiful!"

Gwen felt her heart swell with pride as she gazed at her happy family...

...never realizing that it would be her last memory...

"Maybe we'll tell them tomorrow, sweetheart," Helen told Arthur as he patted her swelling belly.  "We'll give everyone time to grieve and let Alan & Regan enjoy their honeymoon."

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