May 15, 2012

Paradise Bay High School - Round 22

Paradise Bay High School Schedule
Year 3, Round 22
Principal: Randy Bear
Administrative Assistant - Lily Goss

Freshman, AM (girls) - Elective - Dance, taught by Chance McMillan

Freshman, AM (girls) - Elective - Cooking, taught by Rebeka Russell

Freshmen PM - History, taught by Arthur Potter

Seniors AM - Math, taught by Samuel Carter

Freshmen AM (boys) - Elective - PE, taught by Dean Landry


  1. How did you make and how do you play your highschool? Very cool.

    1. I downloaded the school (I think I put the link of the 1st high school round) & separate out my kids by freshman, junior, & going to college. I'm still experimenting with class sessions, though. :) Right now they just hang out in their room for about an hour before I shuffle them around.


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