May 20, 2012

Paradise Bay Elementary - Round 22

Casey watched as the children ran in to their classrooms.  He didn't think he'd ever be tired of watching the joy of learning.

Angela was a terrific teacher, he thought.  She was thoughtful and caring.

"Okay, class, please open your notebooks to page 22. Let's read about Paradise Bay's history.  Did you know that this used to be a pirate's haven?"

She watched as the children pulled their books out and turned to the right pages to read.

"Julianna, will you begin the page for us?"

Julianna shyly glanced up and began to read.

Next door the younger children introduced themselves and began to pair up with friends and play.

(Really, Alyssa, how about interacting with the kids? Put the handheld away! Geez!)

(That's more like it! I wish more kids to listen to the storytime!)

Soon it was time for recess.  Alyssa watched the kids run down the hall, excited to play in the sunshine!

Casey McMillan poked his head out the back door.  "Mrs. Carter, could I please see you inside, please?"

Angela glanced up from her kids.  "Of course, Mr. McMillan.  I'll be right in."

"As you might have heard, I will not be back next year.  I thought I would take some time off to travel the world with Autumn."

Angela smiled.  "I'm so happy for you! That sounds exciting!"

"Yes. Well, the reason I've called you in here is to ask if you would be interested in leading the school."

Angela stared at him dumbfounded.  "Me?" she asked.

"I wanted you to know how much we've valued your dedication & your heart.  I think you're perfect for the task and would be happy to recommend you to the board."

"Oh I would love to, Mr. McMillan! I'm so pleased you thought of me."

Casey reached out for her hand.  "Very well, Mrs. Carter," he said, shaking her hand.  "It's been a pleasure to work with you all these years.  I know the school will be in very good hands."

Angela stared after him, grinning.  She was going to be principal next year! She couldn't wait! She'd hurry home & make all sorts of lists!

The final bell rang & Casey said goodbye to all the children as they exited the building.  He would miss them all, but couldn't wait to travel to all the exotic locales with Autumn!

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