May 21, 2012

Pai (2) - Round 22

Lestat couldn't believe that Alyssa had made all his dreams come true! At a time when he was the lowest a man could get, she'd swooped in and saved his soul!

"You're such a romantic," Alyssa teased.

Lestat couldn't help it. He just felt emotions so much stronger than most other guys.  The guys in college had teased him that he was a wussy, but he was just sensitive, that's all!

But it didn't matter because Alyssa got him!

"Hey guys, thanks for coming to see my new place," Lestat greeted his brother & his wife. "Umm... guys..."

Drake & Marissa sat and murmured their appreciation of the sandwiches Lestat had thrown together.  "I know it's not much now," he said.  "But, this place is going to be great soon! I promised Alyssa her dream house!"

Marissa nodded kindly as Drake looked around skeptically.

"It happened Lestat! I'm pregnant!" Alyssa told him one afternoon.  "We're going to have a baby!"

Lestat felt her growing belly.  It was everything he'd dreamed!

She was everything he'd ever wanted in a woman!

Welcome to the world little Lee Pai!

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