May 24, 2012

McMillans - Round 23

Charity liked Kurt Landry. He was such a great guy. And he was going through a hard time with his folks right now.  Being with him made her happy.

She had to admit that she missed Fletcher Hart, though.  He'd gone off to college and she hadn't heard much from him.  Maybe it was time for her to make the first move...

Dialing his number, she waited until his voice came on the line.  "Hi Fletcher, it's me, Charity!"

Chantel scoped the room.  The cutest boy here was Ronan! There was something about his slicked back hair & little goatee that worked for her. 

"Hi, Ronan," she greeted him.  "Thanks for coming!"

"Yeah, no problem," he said, glancing around the room.  "I don't really know anyone, though.  Maybe I should go...."

"Ah, come on! Don't let a little thing like that get in the way of having a good time!  Come on, I'll introduce you around," Chantel said, leading him around the room.

Chance slammed his fork down on the table.  "Charity! What do you mean you're not going to University?"

Lindsay placed her hand over Chance's.  "Calm down, honey.  Charity? Can you tell us what's wrong?"

Charity fidgeted with her napkin.  "There's nothing really wrong.  I just don't need to go!  It's not like I'm going to be someone big & important like Chasity.  It'd be a waste of money!"

Chance pulled his hand free from Lindsay's grip.  "You don't need to worry about the money! I have funds set aside!"

Charity attempted to smile.  "I know you, Daddy.  But, I'm sorry, I just don't want to go. I'll be okay!" she said brightly.

Chance started to say more, but Lindsay shook her head.  "It's her decision, Chance.  No matter how much we might want her to go or make her decision.  She's the one that's going to have to live with her decision."  Turning towards Charity, she said, "You do understand that, don't you?  You'll never get to be an artist or natural scientist."

"I know, Mom."  Putting her napkin on the table, Charity excused herself.  "I'm feeling a little tired. I'm going to go lay down."

On her birthday, Charity smiled as she saw all her friends and family gather around the table.  They were for her!

It touched her heart that even though Daddy was disappointed she wasn't going to college, he hadn't said anything else about it.

Chance watched his little girl grow up and fought the urge to hold her and protect her from the world.  She thought that missing college wasn't a big deal, but to him - it was!  She'd never be able to make up that time again!

College was the furthest thing from Charity's mind as she scoped the room.  Fletcher had come!  She couldn't believe it! He'd said he might be busy with studying, but here he was!

Although, Douglas Hoffman caught her eye, as well.  She didn't know him as well as she knew Fletcher, but maybe it would be worth spending some time getting to know him better!

(Charity wanted to call Fletcher every day this Round, but when she scoped the room, she thought that Douglas was the hottest guy in the room.   I wonder who she'll choose!)

In a surprise choice, Charity heads over to Summer's Pets and adopted little Jack Russell Terriers, Eddie & Elvira.  She couldn't wait for the first batch of puppies!

 (Close up of Eddie & Elvira!)

All the way home, Charity debated how to choose between Fletcher & Douglas without hurting anyone's feelings.  She would need to ask them both out to see what her heart wanted.

Calling up Douglas first, she warmly greeted him when he came over.  (This was just a greeting, so it didn't make them crush on each other.  But, it means he has potential!)  They had a good time joking around and talking all afternoon, but there seemed to be something missing.  She wasn't sure she knew what was missing, though.

Breathlessly, she called up Fletcher.

Giving him a kiss hello, she felt giddy when their skin touched.  This is what was missing!  Was this love, she wondered in daze.

It must be, she thought happily. He'd just given her a chaste kiss and she was already imaging their wedding!  She hoped he felt the same way about her!  Fletcher stayed until late in the evening as they hung out. 

Feeling embarrassed, Charity offered, "You don't have to go home tonight if you don't want to."

Fletcher pulled her closer for a kiss.  "That would be wonderful. But..."  he paused.

Charity held her breath, worried he didn't feel the same.

"I want our first time to be special, Charity.  I think I love you and I want to wait until our wedding night."

Charity's heart soared.  He loved her!  He wanted to marry her! Excitement pumped through her body.

"I love you, too. So, if you want... I mean... I'm okay if you stay the night.  I want you to."

Fletcher stroked her cheek.  "Are you sure?"

Eagerly, Charity nodded.

Ever since Charity had made her move on Ronan, she seemed to be going boy crazy!

They'd shared an amazing kiss, but she was still young!  Ronan was always busy with work and school.  She wanted someone to have fun with! 

So she started dating other people...

Charity frowned as she listened to Chantel tell her about her recent date.  "Wait. I thought you were dating Brooks," she said.

Chantel rolled her eyes.  "No, that's long over! I'm dating Joe now!"

"What ever happened to Ronan?" Charity asked.  "I thought you really liked him."

"I do! I thought I might've loved him! But, he's always so busy.  And I can't just call him up whenever I want to!  I don't want to sit by the phone waiting to see if he'll call me up.  I want to have fun!"

Charity sighed.  "Maybe it would be best if you had fun by yourself, though."

Chantel rolled her eyes.  "Just because you're all gooey with Fletcher doesn't mean I have to be gooey with Ronan!"

Charity laughed.  "That just sounded gross, Chantel!"

Chantel giggled. "I know, right!"

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