May 14, 2012

McMillans - Round 22

Charity glared at her sister.  Chasity could be such a flake sometimes.  "Chasity, we're trying to finish our project. Nobody cares about which color lipstick looks better on you."

"You're hopeless Charity! Nobody's going to want you unless you quit being so frumpy!"

Kaitlynn Reed offered a slight smile.  "I liked the pink the best?"

Shooting a wide grin at her sister's friend, Chasity said "Thank you, Kaitlynn.  There's hope for you, yet."

"Go away, Chasity!" Charity growled.  As Chasity flounced into the bathroom, she heard Charity giving Kaitlynn a hard time for talking to her.  Oh well!

She had to admit... the pink did look pretty good!

Chasity was taking extra care with her appearance because Travis Bradshaw, the college student had taken to calling her often!  Her!  It made her feel like such a grown-up to have such a hot college boy expressing an interest in her!

Her Mom had warned her about appearing too easy, but please... that advice was so outdated! Talking on the phone didn't mean she'd put out!

"Hey, can I hang out with you when they come over?" Chantel begged.

"No way! You're too young," Chasity dismissed her little sister.

Besides, she wanted the college boys all to herself!

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