May 20, 2012

McMillans (6) - Round 22

Mandy hugged her brother.  "Where's Marion today?" she asked.

Malcolm shrugged.  "She's not feeling very well.  She has pretty bad morning sickness."

Their oldest sister Julia smiled as she danced.  "Too bad, she's missed a fun birthday party!"

Happy birthday Kevin!

(I just liked this picture of Emily!)

Kevin knew that he was getting old, but Mandy made him feel young & spry! 

Kennedy loved hanging out with his cousin Susie Q.  She was so funny & smart!

Mom said that he'd be able to teach his little brother nursery rhymes soon, though.  That'd be pretty cool, too!  Calvin sure was a handful!

Mom even said that maybe he'd get a little sister!

He sure hoped so, cause Calvin was so gross!

 Mandy woke up in the middle of the night and got out of bed. 

"Kevin...." she said quietly.  "I think it's time..."

"Aw man, it's a boy!" Kennedy moaned.  "I wanted a little sister!"

Happy birthday Calvin!  (I think he takes after the Steele side of the family)

And happy birthday Kennedy!  What a handsome man you turned out to be!  He definitely looks a lot like Kevin!

Kevin stood on the front steps of his newly renovated steps and sighed proudly.  His home was everything he'd hope it would be.  He was so glad he took a chance on love instead of running from it.

Maybe he should make a plaque that read, "This is the house that Love built."

Calvin wandered around the new home, looking for Kennedy.  He wanted to show him the new bug collection!

He couldn't find him anywhere, though!

But he did find little Eli.  "Hey! That's my rocket ship!" Calvin grumbled.  "Quit getting spit all over it! That's gross!"

"Wanna play! Wanna play!" Eli cried before letting out a shriek that brought Mom and Dad running.

Stupid brothers, Calvin thought as he headed to his room to think about "appropriate" behavior. 

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