May 20, 2012

McMillans (5) - Round 22

Clint cuddled with Alicia in the bed after their quickie.  He generally cuddled for a bit before heading to get cleaned up.  While he showered, she would throw her uniform back on and head back to work. 

He knew she didn't love him & he couldn't claim to love her, either.  They just helped scratch each other's itch. 

He'd already lost too many loved ones.  First Solveig... then Veronica...

Solveig, how he missed her.

"I said, did you hear me?" Alicia asked, testily.

Clint broke out of his reverie and glanced over at her.  "What?"

"I said, I don't want to do this anymore! It's not working for me!"

"What?" he repeated, dumbly.

"I love you, you idiot!"

Clint's mouth dropped open. "What?"

Alicia shook her head and furiously whispered words in spanish.  "It's like I'm living with her ghost!" she grumbled.  "I can't compete with a dead woman!"

Clint frowned.  "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Because you're always thinking of that woman! Solveig! You can't get over her! She haunts your soul!"
She was right. He missed her.  Smiling, he closed his eyes and wished to join her...

Dimly he heard Alicia sobbing nearby, begging him not to go...

He felt bad that her heart was broken, but she would be okay.  He was going to go be with Solveig!

Alicia waited until CJ came home from school.  It was the least she could do. She cringed as he broke down crying, wondering how she could comfort him.  Awkwardly she patted his back, then hurried away.

Life sucked! CJ thought, sadly.  It didn't come with a manual and he didn't know what he was supposed to do!

Suddenly he was responsible for so much & he wasn't sure he was doing it right!  Bills, school, work, funeral preparations... there was so much to think about!

He was shell-shocked...

Clint floated towards Solveig.  "I've missed you," he said.

Solveig smiled.  "We're together again."

Tenderly, they floated in unison.

"Do you think he'll be okay?" Solveig wondered.

"He's a big boy.  Tough. Strong. He'll be okay."

Clint floated away with Solveig, glad that at least in death there was no end.

Now he would be with the woman he loved forever.

CJ threw his suitcase in the car.  He'd finished school by testing out of the classes & enrolled in the army.  Maybe some distance would help him cope with the loss...

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