May 20, 2012

McMillans (4) - Round 22

River was glad to be home, but it was certainly weird without Summer here.  His twin was married off to her college love, Junior Goss.  He only wished he'd been lucky in love.  Unfortunately, he'd been played for a fool by Nicole Reed, who was only using him as a notch in her bedpost.

Speaking of...
River angrily confronted Nicole.  "What are you doing here?"

Nicole rolled her eyes.  "I came to the party.  Get over it!"

"No! I will not get over it! You're not welcome here!" River watched as tears pooled in Nicole's eyes.

"But... River... can't we still be friends?"

River was so angry, it felt like no words would come.  He just pointed to the sidewalk. 

Nicole hung her head and strolled away.  He'd actually felt bad that he might've hurt her feelings, until she glanced over her shoulder and glared.

God, what had he ever seen in her, anyways?

When he walked inside, he realized everyone was standing still as the music played on.

"What's going on, everyone?"

"No! Autumn!" Casey cried hoarsely, falling to his knees.  All his dreams of retiring with her.. traveling the world... all gone in a puff of smoke!


"Hey, do I know you?" River asked the stunning beauty.

"Um, no. I'm new to town. My name's Yvette St. Julien. I knew your mother. We all miss her at the station. She was something else."

River grieved for the loss of his Mom. They'd lost her so suddenly, sometimes it didn't feel like she was really gone.

 "Maybe you'd like to get coffee sometime?" he asked hopefully.

"Um. No thanks. I'm just not looking for something complicated right now."

"Maybe a dance?"

Yvette rolled her eyes.  She didn't think this guy was going to give up so easily.  Maybe a dance wouldn't hurt...

"Just one dance," she said firmly, opening her arms.

River had never felt like this! She felt heavenly in his arms.  Feeling bold, he slid his hands down...

"Watch it, buddy," Yvette said, annoyed.

"Sorry," River cheesily grinned as he apologized.  "It won't happen again! Promise!"

Yvette narrowed her eyes.  "See that it doesn't!"

After the song ended, River fell down to his knees.  "Yvette, you've got to marry me! You're amazing!"

Yvette looked around the room.  "Get up! You're embarrassing me!" she said tightly. She was glad when the party ended, so she could go home, kick up her feet & put that man out of her mind!

"Dad, I've managed to convince her to move in, but she's holding out.  I know she loves me like I love her... she's just not ready to get married or start a family."

Casey sighed, "I've seen you with her, River.  You joke around an awful lot.  Maybe you need to show her that you're serious about her, instead of just having a good time."

"How do I do that?" River wondered.

"That's something you need to figure out, I would say."

"Oh Regan, I think I'm in love with him. He's so funny & goofy, but has such a good heart. He makes me feel things I didn't know existed! I just worry I can't juggle the family & the work."

Regan grinned.  "Girl, look at me! I didn't think I could either, but Alan convinced me! I think you have to follow your heart. The rest will fall into place..."

"I just wish I knew how to tell him..." Yvette wondered aloud.

Regan winked & nodded behind Yvette.  "Maybe you won't have to..."

"Oh my God, how long have you been there?" Yvette said furiously.  She was so embarrassed that Casey had overheard her.

"Long enough."  Dropping to his knee, he pulled out a ring and slipped it on her finger.  "Yvette, marry me.  I've come to know you & can't imagine one second without you in it."

River was swept away by the romance & the beauty of their wedding.  He knew Yvette would be a beautiful bride, but... wow... was all he could think!

Yvette prepared to walk back down the aisle with River after their vows when it hit her.  Oh God, she hadn't had her monthly period for awhile.  Could she be pregnant?!

(Really Chevy? I think you should stop visiting the streaker that came for a visit. Cora would not be happy with you!)

(River made 30 best friends! Way to go River!)

Yvette happily delivered twins!  Little Cash and Caden McMillan!  Casey hugged his newest grandson tight & wished that Autumn had been able to see them.

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